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If there’s one thing Shane Dawson is good at, it is making every second he spends with people around him count. Despite having a rough childhood and growing up under an abusive father, Dawson rose to become a household name in the entertainment industry. Beyond his activities on the internet, Shane, who rose to prominence as a result of his presence in the showbiz circle, banks as a singer, songwriter, film director, and actor.

Shane Dawson’s Bio & Age

Shane Dawson, no doubt, boasts a robust career in the showbiz business but a look at his childhood and early life leaves us with the conviction that he really worked his way to the top through a dint of sheer hard work and dedication to the paths he loves so much. He was not born into a rich family, rather he was born to poor parents who named him Shane Lee Yaw after his birth on July 19, 1988. The city where the star was born in is Long Beach, in California, in the U.S. It is also in the same city that he was raised up along with his older brothers, Jacob and Jerid Yaw.

While growing up, the internet sensation was overweight and was also repeatedly ill-treated by his father who was addicted to alcohol at the time. As things got messier, Shane’s father eventually deserted his family, leaving behind his wife (Teresa Yaw) and three sons to their own fate. Together with their mother, the singer’s brothers helped in raising him up and pushing him to the forefront.

The multi-talented personality had his high school education at the renowned Lakewood High School, in Lakewood, California, where he developed a penchant for creating videos. He later dabbled into internet activities after he graduated from high school and recorded a huge success. which prompted him to dip his toes into other fields of endeavors.

YouTube Career

Shane took his love for the internet to another level in March 2008, which was the year he launched his first YouTube channel while working at the Carlsbad-based nutrition company, Jenny Craig. Shortly after the sensation rolled out his channel titled ShaneDawsonTV, he was fired from his workplace after the company came across a nasty video he made at his workplace. His family was further devastated after his brother, other six employees, and his mother were all sacked from the same company for appearing in the video.

Following his dismissal from Jenny Craig, Dawson shifted his attention fully to his online career. He started by uploading his first video titled: Fred is Dead!, which pulled over 24 million views and remains, to date, his most-viewed video. The star, today, has three YouTube channels to his name.

His first channel, which is his main channel, is called ShaneDawsonTV, the second one is ShaneDawsonTV2 while the third is Shane. While his main channel deals on film trailer parodies, music videos, short web movies, and lots more; the second one has been dormant since 2012 while the third features his original contents which he uploads during weekdays.

Over the course of Shane’s online career, he has worked with so many notable internet stars. He is known to have appeared in some of these stars’ videos as well as have some of them featured in his own videos. Shane has collaborated with internet sensations like Tyler Oakley, Joey Graceffa, Sawyer Hartman, BrittaniLouiseTaylor, Drew Monson and many more.

Is He Gay and Does He Have A Boyfriend or Girlfriend?

Shane Dawson’s sexual orientation is not straight. In an emotional video he shared in July 2015, the YouTuber confessed that he has been confused about his sexuality for so many years but that after some therapy sessions and a moment of truth, he realized that he is bisexual and not 100% gay.

Shane’s 15-minute video, which raked in over one million hits, was shared on his channel. The essence of the video, according to him, was to show support to people struggling with their sexuality. Overwhelmed by the support and love he received from his fans after his video went viral, the YouTuber thanked them all for their support.

Shane Dawson
Shane and Adams

The YouTube star is currently in a relationship with veteran YouTube star, Ryland Adams since 2016. Born on May 14, 1991, Adams also banks as a producer, actor, author, and television host. He has worked in several web news agencies including Clevver Media. He graduated from Metro State University, where he studied broadcast journalism. He is 5 feet 8 inches tall and is the brother of popular YouTuber, Morgan Adams, who is also into vlogging.

Prior to Shane and Ryland’s relationship, he dated Tarzana-born actress and fellow YouTube star, Lisa Schwartz from 2011 to 2015. Famed for her catchphrase – You’re Cute! – Lisa launched her YouTube career in the 2007 and currently boasts over 2.2 million subscribers on her channel, Lisbug.

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Net Worth – How Rich Is He?

Shane’s emergence in the showbiz community has earned him a lot of respect as well as impressive earnings from his wealth of business channels. He boasts of a strong fanbase and is famed for doing so many things excellently. For his involvements in music, the internet, and movie industries, the iconic YouTuber has amassed quite a lot of wealth estimated to be around $4 million.

Who Are His Brothers?

Shane Dawson has two older brothers called Jerid Yaw (born June 29, 1985) and Jacob Yaw (born July 5, 1980), as mentioned earlier. The former is a fast-rising hip-hop singer and the founder of Language Arts Clothing Company while the latter is also popular on the internet.

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