What Happened to Shane Kilcher? His Injury Update, Net Worth and More

Shane Kilcher is well-known thanks to the Discovery Channel series Alaska: The Last Frontier. It is a show that documents the daily lives of the extended Kilcher family, people who live without plumbing or modern heating. The episodes follow their routines as they rely on hunting and farming for their nutritional needs as well as their preparations for long winters at their homestead located 11 miles outside of Homer, Alaska.

Shane Kilcher features on the show along with his family members, he made his debut in season 2, which aired in 2012. Since then, he has been regularly featured in the show. Kilcher, alongside his family, is very popular among viewers of the show as their hardships and trials teach viewers several survival skills that they could use should they find themselves in situations lacking modern amenities.

Despite how difficult things get for the Kilcher family Shane’s sense of humor makes him a personality to enjoy watching on screen. Besides his sense of humor and survival instincts, Shane Kilcher is also into poetry and singing.

Bio of Shane Kilcher

Shane Kilcher was born on the 5th of May, 1971 in Fairbanks, Alaska. He is of Swiss descent; his grandparents—Ruth Weber and Yule Kilcher—fled from Switzerland to settle in Alaska during World War II. Shane is a third generation of the Kilcher family that resides in Alaska. He is the son of musician and TV personality Atz Kilcher and singer Lenedra Kilcher (née Carroll). Shane was raised in Fairbanks along with his three siblings. He is the elder brother of international pop star Jewel, who has sold over 30 million albums worldwide. His other two siblings are Atz Lee—who features on the show, and his half-brother Nikos—who is a professional singer.

In 1998, he created a non-profit organization called Higher Ground for Humanity with his mother and his sister. The NGO was created to promote alternative health care, arts, spiritual development, research, education via the environment and alliances with like-minded organizations. According to his LinkedIn page, he worked in Clean Water Project from 1997 to 2010. The project targets villages with a lack of clean water and finds ways to help them create sustainable solutions to their problems. The project is currently active in over 18 countries around the globe including; Honduras, Mexico, India, the United States and some other countries in Africa.

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Net worth

Shane Kilcher is assumed to be worth around the tune of $4 million. This assumption is based on the fact that his Alaska: The Last Frontier co-star Otto Kilcher has an estimated net worth of $4 million. Hence, the assumption is that Shane has around that same amount in net worth, if not more. He gets paid between $7,000 to $10,000 per episode of Atlanta: The Last Frontier, allowing him to be able to fend for himself and his family.

Besides what is made from the show, the Kilcher family owns 613 acres around their homestead, and local records show they lay claim to an additional 207 acres in and around the city of Homer. The homestead has an estimated value of over $800,000, and the total value of the family’s real estate goes for approximately $3.6 million.

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Who is His Wife?

Shane Kilcher
Shane with wife, Kerri Ware

Shane Kilcher met his wife Kelli Ware at Stellar Secondary school, and shortly after they became sweethearts. After the two dated for three years, they finally tied the knot in June 1992. Kelli continued her education after the marriage, graduating from Maric College in 1999 with a degree in Nursing. Together they have four children: Keena Tarik; Jareth; Reid; and Jenna. They have had a blissful marriage ever since, showing their bond and synergy on episodes of Alaska: The Last Frontier to the delight of their viewers.

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What Happened to Shane Kilcher? His Injury Update and More

Shane Kilcher and his wife Kelli Ware were working on a new cabin in their homestead when Shane fell off a ladder and ended up breaking his back. He was taken immediately to Central Peninsula Hospital in Homer where he was told that he got a horizontal fracture. This fracture happened on his L2 vertebra, extending two-thirds of the way through the bone.

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Kerri Ware shared news of the incident on their Facebook page, to the shock of fans. She thanked fans for their prayers and kind wishes, telling them all that despite Shane doing well he still had a long recovery process to go through. Over time she has revealed via replying to comments on the Facebook page that he is getting better each day, with thanks to modern medicine as well as mountain herbs around their homestead. Shane Kilcher had applied the use of mountain herbs for bruises and sprains in the past. However, she could not disclose further details on his status, to keep the integrity of the reality show going.

Discovery Channel announced that there was going to be an eighth season of the show in 2019. But there was no word on if Shane Kilcher would feature in the upcoming season or not. The best fans can do is keep extending their prayers for him, and wait to see if he’ll appear when the new season premiers.

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