Shane Madej – Bio, Age, Height, Facts About The TV Personality

Shane Madej is widely known for the sensational display of his creative skills through his various works as a writer, editor, and producer. He is presently associated with BuzzFeed, an internet media company situated in America. While working with the company, he has developed and produced many videos which have been critically acclaimed and they include It’s Personal, Let Some Dogs Watch TV and Ruining History.

Madej has also worked as an actor, having made several appearances on the small screen via Zack & Justin, The Try Guys and BuzzFeed videos. Since posting his first video in 2014 on the internet media company’s YouTube channel, Shane Madej has not backed down from creating more brilliant works which have been the foundation of his career success. At the moment, he hosts a documentary entertainment television series titled, BuzzFeed: Unsolved along with Ryan Bergara who serves as a video producer at BuzzFeed.

Shane Madej Biography (Age)

The famous TV personality’s birthdate is recorded as 16th May 1986 and his birthplace is Schaumburg, Illinois, United States. His parents are Mark and Sherry Madej. He has a brother called Scott Madej. Shane Madej was raised by his parents in the suburban Chicago known as Schaumburg. He possesses a mixed ethnicity that comprises of Eastern and Northwestern European. For his academic records, Madej completed his basic education from Schaumburg High School and earned a degree from the College of Columbia located in Chicago.

The skilled producer began his meteoric walk to fame in 2014, when he publicised his creative skills in his first video titled Unusual Facts About Diet Coke, which he posted on BuzzFeed YouTube channel. Afterwards, he began to execute editorial and production works, as well as develop some smash videos like We Let Some Dogs Watch TV, It’s Personal and They were Positivity Riveted.

Aside from his works as a writer and video producer, Shane Madej has graced the small screen with his acting skills, having been featured in multiple videos such as The Try Guyz and BuzzFeed videos. After carrying out amazing works over the years, Madej, however, became a prominent TV personality by working alongside Ryan Bergara, a BuzzFeed video producer, to host a smash TV series, BuzzFeed: Unsolved.

On the series, they enlighten their viewers on crimes that are yet to be solved, events which are not scientifically explainable, uncommon historical occurrences and many others. The series, however, turned out to become a huge success as it’s been rated as one of the internet media company’s most viewed show. BuzzFeed: Unsolved which is being presented in a comic manner, has ran for ten seasons and as a result of the success it has encountered, its sports spin-off has been created. It airs on Facebook Watch and is being hosted by Ryan Bergara and Zack Evans.

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His Height

The highly skilled video producer stands at a magnificent height of 6 feet 4 inches (1.93 m) which perfectly complements his slim body build. Hence, Shane Madej can be classified as a very tall man.

Facts About the TV Personality

1. Shane Madej’s Collaborations

Madej, who has made a name for himself through his creation and production of interesting videos, has collaborated with other talented producers who also works at BuzzFeed to produce some works. He has worked with Jen Ruggirello and Sara Rubin. In addition, he has also formed a collaboration with Ryan Bergara as the two have moved ahead to create a YouTube channel for BuzzFeed: Unsolved called the BuzzFeed unsolved Network.

2. His Relationship Status

Shane Madej
Shane Madej and Sara Rubin

Shane Madej is presently having a love affair with Sara Rubin who works as a video producer at BuzzFeed. The duo has been dating for quite some time now and are believed to be planning towards the solemnization of the union in the near future.

3. Employment History

Having announced himself as one of the skilful producers in the entertainment industry, Shane Madej actually began from somewhere. He previously worked at the Woodfield Mall situated in Schaumburg before he briefly gained a worthwhile experience in video production while working for the Al Larson Prairie Center for the Arts as a video producer.

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4. His Previous Inventions

The well-known TV personality previously created some popular videos before he joined BuzzFeed. He partnered with Rent Harrison to create a video titled, Extreme Science. Similarly, he worked together Christy Guega and Matt Syaffa to create Marshmallow World.

5. Net Worth

Although there have been many conflicting reports as to Shane Madej’s earnings and financial value. The brilliant video editor has reportedly amassed an estimated net worth of about $1 million.

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