Shanna Mendiola Bio: Who Are Her Husband, Parents And Family?

Shanna Mendiola is a 39 year-old Filipino-American Emmy Award-winning meteorologist born on October 27, 1984. Mendiola is married, but the identity of her husband is not known. Not much is also known about her family, other than that she was born to a mother who is a nurse from Iloilo in the Philipines.

The meteorologist has made a name working for NBC4, a subsidiary of the NBC network in Southern California. Prior to her stint here, she worked for KGO-TV and KTVZ-TV. Shanna has also garnered fame through her philanthropic works. She is also a fitness advocate and a spokesperson for healthy living.

Who Is Shanna Mendiola?

Shanna Mendiola was born on October 27, 1984, in the Filipino city of Iloilo. There is a dearth of information regarding her formative years. However, it is already known that when Shanna was very young, she had always wanted to be a scientist.

Her mum who was a nurse had desired for her to take after her career-wise, but the young Shanna had divergent views about being a nurse. At age nine, she had considered being a psychologist, she even wrote about this in her diary way back.

As time progressed, little Shanna who always had her eyes glued on the television watching science-related programs, soon fell in love with the beautiful delivery of weather forecast by the legendary Al Roker on Today Show, all thanks to her middle school teacher, Mr. Carson who allowed his pupils to watch television program every morning. An impression was soon formed on her young mind to become a weather broadcaster. Although that impression was made, she still went ahead to study her earlier fancied course of study – clinical psychology at Wooster College. She later moved to Virginia where she acquired her doctorate degree in clinical and forensic psychology from the Virginia Consortium.

Her Career As A Weather Broadcaster

Shanna Mendiola started her weather broadcasting career as an intern over a decade ago and gradually worked herself to the very top becoming a vital force to reckon with in her chosen profession. She had worked with some notable mass media networks which include KDVR and KWGN, KGO-TV, and KTVZ-TV. The work opportunities with these outfits have seen her reside in various cities such as Denver, San Francisco, and Oregon. She currently lives in a coastal estate working for NBC4 in Southern California.

Among other accomplishments she has so far enjoyed in her profession, is the fact that she had the rare privilege of working alongside her inspirational figure, Al Roker, whom she had also filled in for in the course of broadcasting.

Shanna’s typical day starts at 2 am when she starts up her research work, checking possible weather outcomes for the day in readiness for her weather reports she blends nicely with traffic situation later that same day. She employs the use of technological devices as such as a mobile weather station known as NBC4×4Caster and a Doppler weather radar truck called the StormRanger4 which helps to enhance her works with relative ease.

As a result of her contribution to the world of weather journalism, Shanna Mendiola together with her colleagues Crystal Egger, Adrienne, and others won an Emmy at the 68th Emmy Awards held in Los Angeles Area in 2016, thanks to the program El Nino: Currents of Change. This is not the only award or price she has ever won, she once emerged the winner of Denver city version of Dancing with the Stars, a competition that featured prominent TV anchors and titled Dancing with the Anchors. Her prize was $7,000 which she donated to Anchor Centre for Blind Children.

Shanna Mendiola
Shanna Mendiola with her colleague Crystal Egger Image Source

The Emmy award winner has often emceed the annual event of the Colorado Dragon Boat Festival and Dumb Friends League Telethon. On the lighter side, Shanna is a foodie, she has often posted foods on her social media handles and hopes that someday she would be a food critic. One of her favorite meal is Sushi.

Shanna Mendiola’s Parents and Family

Shanna was born to a mother who is a nurse from Iloilo. Nothing is really known about her father except for the fact that he is a fan of his daughter’s work and follows her activities on her social media handles. Shanna no doubt shares a special bond with her family.

Although not much has been revealed about her family; it is, however, presumed that she has siblings – brothers who she through her Instagram post shared a picture with on December 28, 2018. In yet another post she made on December 24, 2018, she revealed that she had taken her family to tour Temecula Valley, on a Jeep! The picture has her mum, dad and two boys who would likely be her brother(s), albeit no name was mentioned in the post.

Is Shanna Mendiola Married, Who is Her Husband?

Everything about the personal life of Shanna Mendiola has been under the shades. This is so because the media star hasn’t shared any details regarding her personal life. She enjoys striking a balance between her professional and personal life. Although she had been seen with a ring on her left finger, we are not so sure if its a wedding band or just a fashion ring. All we can say for now pending when she chooses to reveal who her love interest may be is that she is single. Apparently, Shanna is dedicating her time to building a better career.


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