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From capturing hearts through her physical appearance to venturing into the field of television and film, playboy playmate of the year 1982, Shannon Tweed has carved a suiting niche for herself first as a model and eventually an actress. She started off her career as a model and eventually diversified to other endeavors. Her busty and sexy appearance soon saw her featuring in films and television and trying out her hand at the many other aspects of entertainment.

Her time at the Playboy mansion created the magic between her and her rock star husband, Gene Simmons who she first met at the mansion. Although theirs has been a very complicated relationship right from the start and had inspired many talks it equally brought Shannon into more fame than her career as a playmate afforded.

Biography and Age of Shannon Tweed

Shannon Lee Tweed as she was first called at birth, was born on the 10th day of March 1957 at St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. Her father, Donald Keith Tweed was a mink rancher while details of her mother, Louise Tweed’s career and work is still undisclosed. She was born into the warmth of siblings and she shares her parental love with 6 siblings. One among her siblings is her sister, Tracey Tweed who is also an actress. Crisis befell the home in her younger years as their father who was the bread-winner was involved in an accident which kept him in a coma for months.

After her father’s incapacitation, the budding star moved her siblings to their mother’s home where they lived mostly on charity while she went to complete her studies as a Nurse. While her studies were on, she chose to try her hands on other things that could yield profit for her family. At the young age of 20, Shannon Tweed chose to further her career in modeling by undergoing a breast enhancement surgery thereby forfeiting her studies in nursing.


After her enhancement surgery, Tweed’s modeling career took off in earnest. 1978 was a blessing to the young model as she came third in the Miss Ottawa pageantry show and also won a singing competition. With an amazing body figure, Shannon Tweed was keen to work for the adult magazine, ‘Playboy’. Her wish got granted as she partook in a TV show titled ‘Thrill of a Lifetime’, which landed her in the Playboy Mansion. From there, she rose to fame by gaining the recognition as the ‘Playboy Playmate of the Year’ 1982. She lived at the mansion at this point and with much deals and signings, she saw herself rise to fame as one of the most sought-after models of her time.

Having conquered her dream of working with Playboy and desirous of new challenging grounds, Shannon Tweed ventured into different TV appearing in series like 1st and Ten, Frasier, The Dukes of Hazzard, Days of Our Lives and more. With her background as a model with playboy, it was not long before Tweed channeled her mind to erotic thriller movies. She starred in movies like Hot Dog… The Movie (1984), a teen sex comedy. Since then, Shannon Tweed has appeared in numerous movies through the 1980s and 1990s like Last Call (1991), The Naked Truth (1992), Possessed by the Night (1994), and more.

At the height of her acting career, she was a part of the reality show Gene Simmons Family Jewels as the longtime partner of Gene Simmons as well as the mother of his kids. The show which aired from 2006 to 2012 covered Simmons proposal to Shannon Tweed as well as their big wedding which took place Beverly Hills Hotel.

Shannon Tweed’s Relationship with Gene Simmons

Shannon Tweed and Gene Simmons first met at the Playboy Mansion in the early career years of Shannon. They began dating in 1983 and had two kids, Nicholas Adam Tweed-Simmons and Sophie Alexandra Tweed-Simmons. Their relationship lasted for 28 years and in 2011, the duo decided to officially seal the union. At this point, both had explored all their career options and had equally dated other people during the time before they officially became man and wife. Their wedding was an outdoor event lavish ceremony that took place on the 1st of October, 2011 at Beverly Hills Hotels.

Gene Simmons is a personality to behold as he has thrilled the world of rock with his exceptional band ‘Kiss’. The band came into existence in the 1970s and has a huge fan base while it lasted. Beside the band, Gene Simmons still did quite well for himself on his solo career and his further venture featuring in movies.

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Of Shannon Tweed’s six siblings, she is apparently closest to her sister Tracy Tweed who from all indications was also a Playmate. This is apparent from the fact that the sisters covered a Playboy Spread together. Moreso, Tracy featured in the Gene Simmons Family Jewels reality show where she offered Shannon her eggs for another baby which she thought would be a better option than the adoption Shannon was considering. Tracy is also an actress.

Shannon Tweed’s Net Worth

The Canadian model, producer, and actress, Shannon Tweed has done quite well for herself in the entertainment world. She began raking in the big buck from the young age of 20 when she embarked on her modeling career. Through her associations, modeling career, acting career, endorsements and many other endeavors not the least of which is her marriage to Gene Simmons, her net worth is pegged at an estimated $30 million. Her rockstar husband, Gene Simmons, on the other hand, is valued at $300 million dollars.


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