Eye-Opening Facts About Shantel VanSanten’s Acting Career and Dating History

Talent, beauty, and character! These three words sum up the life of the gifted American actress, Shantel VanSanten. From the pages to Teen Vogue to the scenes of One Tree Hill, Shantel VanSanten has had a tremendous career and she is one of the few stars who has managed to find that perfect blend between modeling and acting.

Undoubtedly, this is a feat that most people in showbiz only dream about. The story of how the actress achieved all this and what her journey from being a little known figure to a famous movie star has been like is one that is worthy of being read.

Events That Led Shantel VanSanten To Acting Fame

Born on the 25th of July, 1985 in the town of Luverne, Minnesota, Shantel VanSanten was first a model before acting came calling. Her modeling career kicked off at the age of 15 during her school days at Incarnate Word Academy after she was signed by Page Parkes Management.

Her breakthrough role came when she appeared on Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Model Search, unfortunately, she was eliminated in the first episode. She would go on to feature in different magazines including Teen Vogue and Seventeen.

Shantel VanSanten’s growth in the modeling industry gave her the kind of exposure needed to break into the movie industry and she banked on it.

Shantel VanSanten
Shantel VanSanten and Grant Gustin in The Flash (2014)

Inside Shantel VanSanten’s Hollywood Adventure

Shantel VanSanten kickstarted her acting career in 2005 with an appearance in the TV movie, Three Wise Guys. She went on to star in another TV movie, Spellbound in 2007 before landing a role in The Open Door, a 2008 American horror/thriller film.

These early acting credits helped to give Shantel VanSanten the necessary experience she needed to make a breakthrough in the industry. In 2009, she played Lori in The Final Destination and Tara Habis in the TV series, CSI: NY.

The Roles That Changed The Game For Her

Even though The Final Destination did quite well in the Box Office, raking in a whopping $186.2 million, Shantel VanSanten did not get her big break from the movie, instead it was the drama TV series One Tree Hill that launched her to widespread stardom and changed the game for her.

VanSanten landed the main role of the photographer, Quinn James, in the seventh season of the hit TV series, One Tree Hill. The show was a massive hit around the world and her performance on the series made her very popular among fans. She remained on the show for a total of two seasons, appearing in 57 episodes from 2009 to 2012 when the show eventually rounded up.

After her appearance in One Tree Hill, Shantel VanSanten has gone on to star in other TV series and movies that put her name on people’s lips. In 2014, she played Jessica Chapel in the TV series, Gang Related across 13 episodes. The next year, she landed the role of Vera Buckley in The Messengers, a supernatural mystery drama television series. The same year, she starred in The Flash, playing the recurring role of Barry Allen’s love interest, Patty Spivot till 2016.

Shantel VanSanten and Lexy Kolker in Shooter (2016)
Shantel VanSanten and Lexy Kolker in Shooter (2016)

In 2016, VanSanten scored another important point in her acting credit when she landed the role of Julie Swagger in the drama TV series, Shooter. VanSanten starred in the main role in the series, appearing in 31 episodes from 2016 to 2018 and winning the admiration of fans. In 2019, the actress portrayed Karen Baldwin in For All Mankind, a science fiction web television series.

Currently, the actress is portraying Becca Butcher in the American superhero web television series, The Boys. She clinched the role in 2019 and is going strong.

Who Is The Man In Shantel VanSanten’s Life?

There is no doubt that a love life examined under a public microscope is one of the ‘perks’ of being in the spotlight. Shantel VanSanten is no exception to this, as her relationships have been followed closely.

Our investigation has shown that at the moment, Shantel VanSanten is in a loving relationship with the Canadian actor Victor Webster. The couple met in 2017 and kickstarted what has become a really blossoming romance.

Victor Webster and Shantel VanSanten star together in Love Blossoms (2017)

How They Met

Shantel VanSanten and Victor Webster met on the set of the 2017 Hallmark movie, Love Blossoms. Interestingly, she was Webster’s love interest in the movie. They both got attracted to each other and soon began dating after their roles in the movie.

In a 2018 interview, Victor Webster revealed that he and VanSanten are really taking things seriously and are even spending time with each other’s families. He has also shared photos of her on Instagram, showering loving words on her. Fans hope that soon, the wedding bells would ring for the lovebirds.

Before Victor Webster, There Were Others

Long before she met and fell in love with Victor Webster, Shantel VanSanten used to be in romantic relationships with other people. Our investigation revealed that back in 2008, the actress was in a relationship with the American sprinter, Michael Johnson. The lovebirds were head over heels in love with each other. Unfortunately, the relationship was short-lived as it only lasted for about a year.

Soon after, she went on to date her One Tree Hill costar, James Lafferty, an Amerian actor who is also a director and producer. The couple dated from June 2009 until May 2010 when things fell apart for them. At the time, rumors were also sparked up that she was involved with another co-star of hers, Robert Buckley, but she cut them down before they could take root.

Fast-forward a bit to 2015, rumors began to fly about that she was dating her The Messengers costar, Jon Fletcher. It was not long before it was confirmed that this was indeed true. After a cute photo of the two holding hands was released, the only thing remaining was a confirmation. The public got what they needed when they both proceeded to post cozy pictures themselves on social media. Unfortunately, the walls came tumbling down in 2017 when they, oh so subtly, took down their shared pictures.

It was soon after this that she met and fell in love with Victor Webster. Today, that relationship is still going strong.

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