The Soil

Fresh talent, fresh talent- that is what South Africa’s popular ‘kasi soul’ acapella group The Soil are searching for.

The group is on their fourth national tour, a tradition which they started up in 2013 when their label Native Rhythms took the band around South Africa, starting with a Campus Tour.

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The success of that first tour gave rise to The Reflections Tour in 2014 and was followed by The Nostalgic Moments Tour in 2015, named after their award-winning and platinum-selling album.

The group is on the road again this year with the #ExperienceTheSoil National Tour. It is being produced and presented by Native Rhythms Productions.

#ExperienceTheSoil National Tour took of following a search for a temporary replacement for their female vocalist Buhle Mda.

Buhle Mda had announced her intent to take a break from performing to follow her ancestral calling to be a sangoma (traditional healer) and the group opened up the search to all female vocalists who believed they had what it takes to be a part of the band. Theodora Matshoba, eventually won the spot and was quickly accepted and welcomed by The Soil fans nationwide.

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The successful search and find for Buhle’s temporary replacement served as the motivation for both the group and Native Rhythm to offer more opportunities to talented young musicians to ‘experience’ The Soil on stage by opening and even collaborating with them during this year’s tour.

To this end, The Soil are embarking on another search for vocalists, inviting them to post their videos on Facebook (singing their songs and those of The Soil) for fans to carefully select who they believe is the best fit to open for the group. The winner(s) will then share the stage with The Soil and also get a chance to collaborate with the group on one song.

According to the band;

“There are no words that can describe the euphoria that comes with performing and pouring your soul to your audience while on stage but it is not good enough if you do not create the same platform for other young musicians who have been inspired by your music and are as equally talented”.

Every single city and event on the tour which began on April 29, will have a local act selected to join in. The next date on their schedule is for Saturday 25 June at the Performing Arts Centre of the Free-State (PACOFS) in Bloemfontein.

So all artists in Free State province who want to join The Soil on stage at that gig are free to follow the steps above to have a shot at the gig. More dates will be revealed during the course of the month.