Shatta Wale Has Three Kids From Different Women – Inside His Relationships and Age Milestones

Shatta Wale has dated a good number of women since he became popular and among them are Michelle Diamond, Efia Odo, Kisa Gbekle, Sista Afia, and Ndlovu (rumored).

Shatta Wale recently experienced a spike in his career trajectory with him featuring in the Beyonce song, “Already”. The musician was already well-recognized for his music in his home country of Ghana and in the African continent, particularly West Africa. Thus, the Beyonce collaboration only helped push him further into the limelight.

Another part of his life that has attracted a lot of attention is his numerous relationships which have also managed to spawn a number of children. But as he has been successful with the ladies, so has he thrived hard in his career, reaching significant milestones and setting a trend of success.

Shatta Wale’s Relationship Timeline

Among the numerous women he has been linked to, only a few made enough impact to deserve a mention. Some of his hookups are known mostly because they also share a spot in the spotlight.

Michelle Diamond (2018)

He may be going off and on with her but one thing Shatta Wale has made very clear is that his relationship with Mitchy has come to stay. He broke up with her in January 2019 following a marriage proposal the previous month which she accepted. However, Wale felt being with him made her unhappy, thus, he had to let her go.

They work together in the same industry and are bound to encounter each other every once in a while. The two also share a child together.

Efia Odo (2018)

Shatta Wale is famously known for his relationship with the TV presenter, Efia Odo. The two were rumored to have started dating while he was still in a relationship with singer Michy, especially after a picture of them being cozy together turned up on social media while he was with Michy.

When he and Michy broke up, she became the main woman in his life despite both of them saying they were just family friends.

Kisa Gbekle

On the long list of celebrities that he has dated is also Kisa Gbekle who is an actress. Their relationship happened when he was on a break with Michy and it was a short-lived one regardless of their proclamations of feelings for each other on social media.

Though their affair was short-lived, Shatta Wale’s relationship timeline wouldn’t be complete without the award-winning actress.

Sista Afia (2018)

She is another popular Ghanaian who is romantically linked to Shatta Wale. Afia is a musician who was trying to break into the Ghanian music scene upon her return from the United States. To achieve this, she made the hit 2018 song, “Jeje” which featured Shatta Wale.

The two are believed to have had a short relationship in the year the song was released. The rapper got to date yet another beautiful woman and Sista Afia got what she wanted, to become a renowned musician.

Ndlovu (2019)

Shatta Wale's relationships
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Just like with the other ones where things could not be easily verified, Wale’s relationship with South African socialite, Ndlovu is predicated on rumors and uncertainty. Howbeit, she is still among the women the musician supposedly hooked up with in the past.

Ndlovu was featured in one of his music videos and their relationship, although a very short one, happened in 2018.

He Has a Son with Michelle Diamond

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Shatta Wale’s son, Majesty was born July 11, 2015, to Shatta Michy, a woman that Shatta Wale has had the longest relationship with, spanning over three years, there is no clear timeline of how they met. But while the two were together, they were said to be the Beyonce and Jay-Z of the Ghanaian music industry, especially as Diamond is a musician who goes by the stage name Shatta Michy.

Their relationship has been a topsy-turvy one with both of them breaking up and coming back together repeatedly, but now they are completely separated and Majesty lives with his mother.

The Rapper’s Second Son Lives in London

In an interview that Shatta Wale gave in 2020, he revealed that he had two other children apart from Majesty. One of the other kids is a son called Jedidah who lives in the United Kingdom with his mother.

According to the rapper, the boy was born in the same year as Majesty which revealed that he had been cheating on Michy. The mother of the boy remains unknown.

He Has an Only Daughter

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Before he became the star he is today, Shatta Wale had a daughter, Charissa with a woman popularly known as Sister. Their daughter was born on July 10, 2010.

Like with Michy, he is no longer dating the mother of his first child but the two have a cordial relationship.

Shatta Wale’s Career Began Before He Hit His 20s

Charles Nii Aemah Menshar Jr. who is commonly known as Shatta Wale was born on the 17th of October 1984 in Accra Ghana into the family of a politician and prominent member of Ghana’s ruling class.

By the time he was 20, he had released his debut single ”Moko Hoo” using the stage name Bandana. He featured Tiny in the song and made the nomination list at the Ghana Music Awards in 2004 for the song. The musical offering was a hit and established him in the music scene but the stage name made an early exit as the rapper took a break from his career.

Career Comeback at 25 and Mainstream Success

When Shatta was twenty-five, he made a comeback and had changed from Bandana to Shatta Wale. He started to make dancehall music that appealed to a certain niche in Ghana and before he knew it, his fan base had grown exponentially.

Shatta Wale was able to solely return the dancehall genre to the Ghanaian music industry and it was upon this that his career grew. However, more was still in stock for him in the future.

He Attained Success on a Global Scale in His 30s

Ghana had their presidential election in 2016 and coincidentally, the two major parties in the country used two of his songs as their main campaign songs, making Shatta Wale one of the most powerful people in the country.

There was a struggle for the star to endorse one of the parties and his refusal to do so only added to the frenzy. He was also named one of the 100 Most Influential People in the country by the Chub Magazine.

Then in 2019, he had a collaboration with Beyonce which only fanned the flames of his fame. The same year he collaborated with Bey, Shatta bagged 8 awards at the 3Music Awards, as well as attained the status of the most awarded dancehall artist in Africa.

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