Shayanna Jenkins-Hernandez – Inside The Life of Aaron Hernandez Ex-fiancee

Shayanna Jenkins-Hernandez is a lady who has proved loyalty in love. Despite that her late partner, Aaron Hernandez faced a lot of troubles and was even accused of murder before he took his own life; she stood by him all through thick and thin.

No one knew her per se until she graced an interview publicly stating her own part of her story while mourning her better half. Before we go on with the details about her involvement with her late partner; Aaron Hernandez. Let’s tell you about her.

Shayanna Jenkins-Hernandez’s Early Life

It was on the 29th day in the month of May 1989 that Shayanna decided to join the many populations on planet earth. She was born in Bristol, Connecticut, the United States of America joining the Jenkins family. Her parents Derrick and Jodi Jenkins also had two children; a biological sister to Shayanna, Shanea Jenkins and a half-sister, Ontavia Samuel. Her estranged father left when she was a teenager.

Jenkins-Hernandez’s Love story with Aaron Hernandez

The irreproachable lady found love at an early age. Her love tango with Aaron began as early as their days at elementary school. The two were said to have lived closely apart and often seen together. Meanwhile, Aaron’s dad was quite respected in Connecticut as he worked as a custodian.

Growing up and learning to learn in love was pretty easy for Shayanna Jenkins-Hernandez as she has revealed that she and Aaron had it all in check as kids. Also, their high school days were no exception. That regardless, they had major issues during these periods as Aaron had already become a superstar with his sports involvement in school. Records have it that he attracted a lot of girls and this was quite uneasy for his longtime elementary sweetheart; Shayanna Jenkins-Hernandez.

Shayanna Jenkins-Hernandez
Shayanna Jenkins-Hernandez and Aaron Hernandez

After high school, the two attended different colleges, Jenkins attended a community college while the footballer attended the University of Florida. Their separate institution didn’t stop what they felt for themselves. They kept at grooming what they felt and by the time Aaron relocated to New England to play for the Patriots, the lady moved in with him. He subsequently proposed sometime in October 2012 and promised marriage in 2014. Meanwhile, the lady was already carrying his first child; Avielle who she bore on the 6th of November 2012.

Shortly after their engagement, the love birds began to face lots of marital issues because of Aaron’s infidelity. She publicly stated that she had to call 911 during one of those periods as the football star angrily smashed his fist through a window. It was then she discovered that her better half had anger issues. Regardless of their misunderstandings, the couple tattoed their bodies as a reminder of their love.

The Great Fall

While the issues in their love life continued, on the 18th of June 2013, the police ransacked Aaron Hernandez’s house as he was suspected to have killed his friend, Odin Llyod. Odin died from multiple gunshots at his back and chest.

The footballer was the main suspect as the police found out that he had employed housecleaners the same day Odin’s body was found and a handphone that had been smashed to pieces was found in his custody. Meanwhile, the footballer denied everything that linked him to the murder of his friend.

He subsequently lost his spot with his team and was taken into custody after he was charged with first-degree murder in addition to five gun-related charges. While two other men joined him as his accomplice, on September 27, 2013, Shayanna Jenkins was indicted on a perjury charge in connection with the killing.

Aaron Hernandez was subsequently found guilty and was sentenced to life imprisonment. On April 19, 2017, the footballer took his own life turning his back on the promises he made to his partner, daughter, and mother who he reconciled with while in prison.

Net Worth

While things were going all smooth for Aaron and Shayanna, they were living in wealth. They lived in a mansion worth over a million dollars and had cars of their own. However, after the great fall, Shayanna Jenkins-Hernandez is said to be left with nothing.

You would wonder what happened to the footballer’s savings while he reigned, well, Aaron in prison had instructed that his partner and daughter should be given a particular amount monthly for their upkeep. Then, his contract with the Patriots became annulled.

Many have concluded that the footballer never knew that he was leaving his beautiful daughter and partner to nothing as he wrote on his suicide note that they were both RICH. Currently, the said mansion acquired by the lovebirds is in need of lots of repairs.


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