Don’t Be Fooled By Trump, We Will Not Stop – Shekau Issues New Warning To US President-Elect

It is no exaggeration that ISIS may need to re-strategize their operations with the winning of Donald Trump as Boko Haram’s Shekau gives his two cents on his win. Shekau’s anti-Trump audio message says not even Donald Trump can stop them.

Like the British Prime Minister Theresa May says, “Change is in the air”. From his campaign moments, Donald Trump proposed a zero opportunity for the invasion of the country by radical Muslims.

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He says there will be a “total shutdown” of Muslim immigrants in America. Extending the caution to all foreigners, there will as well be a wall to keep them from illegally coming into the country.

Trump has also implied a possible boycott of Saudi Arabian oil if they insist on not providing troops to fight ISIS.

Muslims in America from the moment of the proposition till now feel threatened by Donald Trump’s intent towards Muslims.

On the other hand Radical Islamic sects around the world have taken note of this. Nigeria’s terrorist of all times, Shekau, has reacted to Trump’s anti-Muslim propositions.

Report confirms the release of an audio message from the terrorist on Sunday night, November 13, drawing the battle line with Trump. He maintains that the radical Muslim sect are and will remain formidable in their fight in the world over.

In his Anti-Trump Audio Message, Shekau said:

“[We will] not be fooled by people like Donald Trump or anyone in the coalition who is fighting our brothers in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan or anywhere else.

“We are done with Obama, now we’re going to start with Trump. We remain steadfast by our faith and we will not stop. For us, the war has just begun.

“We are responsible for these recent attacks. We did it and will do more.”

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It is not clear if he spoke on behalf of the sect or his personal compulsion to do so.

Recall that in August, ISIS named Abu Musab al-Barnawi as the new leader of the Nigerian terrorist sect, Boko Haram. However Shekau insists that he is still in charge.

Shekau also claimed responsibility for the recent death of Lieutenant-Colonel Muhammad Abu Ali.