Will There Be A Season 5 of Sherlock Holmes or Is It Cancelled? 

Sherlock Holmes is not yet cancelled, however, its writers and creators have said there is a likelihood that season five of the series would be made but the timing is what is not certain.

With the huge followings and positive ratings that Sherlock seasons 1 to 4 enjoyed, there has been suspense and a big clamor for the release of season 5 of Sherlock Holmes crime drama miniseries.

A few years after production wrapped up for the season 4 in February 2017, many are wondering if it is still feasible to see season 5 of Sherlock Holmes TV show. Well, dig in below as we examine all these concerns and bring to the fore the true situation of things with the multiple award-winning series.

Will There Be A Season 5 of Sherlock Holmes? 

The overwhelming success that the four seasons of Sherlock enjoyed made many fans to clamor for season 5 of the crime movie drama. The miniseries which became a world hit movie has set questions in the mind of its fans such as will there be a season 5 of Sherlock? or is it canceled? The last episode of season 4 of the show wrapped up sometime in 2017 and since then fans have been anticipation the release of the next season or episode of crime action miniseries.

The storyline of the show which was scripted by Mark Gatiss, Steven Moffat and Stephen Thompson had compelling lines that had many glued to the television set all over the world since July 2010 when the first episode hit the airwaves.

The story which is a contemporary version of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s stories pulled talented cast like Benedict Cumberbatch the lead actor who played Sherlock Holmes, (a consultant of Scott Yard police), Martin Freeman (Dr John Watson, Holmes flatmate), Rupert Graves (Detective Inspector Greg Lestrade), Una Stubbs (Landlady of both Sherlock and Watson, Mrs Hudson), Mark Gatiss (brother of Holmes Mycroft Holmes), Louise Brealey (Pathologist Molly Hooper), Andrew Scott (criminal mastermind, Jim Moriarty) and of course Amanda Abbington (Mary Watson who takes a bullet for Sherlock Holmes).

The show which was produced by Sue Vertue and Elaine Cameron saw brilliant performances by the actors in the thirteen episodes. No wonder, the cast and screw earned some notable awards such as BAFTA in 2011, Primetime Emmy in 2011, 2012,  2014, and 2016.

Actors like Martin Freeman had BAFTA award for best support actor in 2011 but he was knocked out of that position in 2012 by co-star Andrew Scott while the show itself won the BAFTA’s best drama series in 2011, best television film in 2016 Primetime Emmy Awards, One of the writers (Moffat) of the show also went home with a Primetime Emmy award in 2014.

The accolades did not end there as the efforts of the directors (Euros Lyn, Steve Lawes and Arwel Wyn Jones) of the miniseries were rewarded with BAFTA Cymru awards. The makeup and hairstylist of the series, Claire Pritchard Jones was not left out as a recipient of the same award. Charlie Phillips walked away with an award for his superb editing of the show’s episode Friction from the British Academy television craft award night.

On the heels positive receptions that Sherlock garnered across the world, the writers and creators of the show have said there is a likelihood that season five would be made but the timing is what is not certain. Most of the casts of the show have moved on to other projects which means they have busy schedules.

The creators/writers with BBC are optimistic that after the due meeting with all stakeholders of the show, there would be the birth of season 5 of Sherlock Holmes crime series. The miniseries since its inception in January 2010, became most-watched drama series across the UK. Sadly, the show’s season 4, last episode dropped on February 15, 2017.

Season 5 of Sherlock Holmes
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Is It Cancelled? 

Although it has been a couple of few years since production wrapped up for Sherlock, the season 5 of Sherlock Holmes is yet to begin production nor hit the airwaves. Many people who had followed the drama series are very eager to know if there is still hope for season 5 or if it has been cancelled?

Steven Moffat during an interview in January 2014 stated that a season 5 of the series is feasible. Although Moffat disclosed that he and co-creator Gatiss had plotted the fifth season but the crazy schedule of Freeman and Cumberbatch had slowed the process as they needed to fine-tune and get the key players on board.

However, some of the cast members of the show like Cumberbatch, Freeman and Moffat have been enthusiastic about the future feature in the series. They expressed not just their interest in being part of the next season cast but commitment in putting up superlative performances.

Even though no one has so far made any categorical statement about when shooting, or  the release date of the season 5 would happen. One thing is sure, it is not yet cancelled. So our fingers are crossed and ears down for any gratifying tale.

The lack of a very convincing response from both creators and promoters of the show may have fuelled the rumours that indeed Season 5 of Sherlock has been canceled. For every new movie to hit the screen, trailers are usually set in motion to create awareness and also tantalize the public on what to expect. This course of action is yet to be taken by both parties but we are assured that once everything has been smoothened over, we will see some actions on the Netflix aired series.

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