Shiroro Hydro Power Plant

Nigerian Shiroro Hydro Power Plant which went through a N2.4 billion ($8.5 million) repair is in good working condition once again.

The Shiroro Hydro Power Station reportedly has a capacity of 150 mega watts. So it is expected to generate a full capacity of 600 Mega Watts from its present 450 Mega Watts.

SHPS broke down several years ago. With the repair of its Unit 4 turbine generator, the hydro power plant will produce a total sum of 6oo Mega Watts.

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Each generator has a capacity to generate 150 mega watts. The Shiroro hydro power plant functions in such a way that a breakdown in one of the 4 units affects the capacity of the entire power plant. Thus when unit 4 of the plant broke down in 2010, SHPS completely stopped working.

“The Unit 4 collapsed since 2010 when a loud noise was heard from the water intake structure and discovered a large piece of concrete measuring about 6 meters by two meters in the Scroll Case of the Unit, hence the bulkhead had to be taken out for modifications and was reinstalled.”– Dr Olubunmi Peters

Dr Olubunmi Peters, Executive Vice Chairman of North South Power, NSP, Company Limited made the announcement on Wednesday in Minna, Niger State.

He says this is a welcome development and a technical breakthrough for the country. It will relieve the sad reality of endless epileptic power supply in Nigeria.

Shiroro Dam was first commissioned on June 20, 1990 under the military administration of President, Gen. Ibrahim Babangida. With the repair of the hydro plant, Dr Peters says the commissioning will soon be a reality.

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Mr Isaac Akanbi, Assistant General Manager Hydrology and Dams also shared his delight over the restoration of Shiroro hydro power plant. He said that the unbearable epileptic power supply in Nigeria at the moment was as a result of the Niger Delta Avengers’ attack on power stations.

Mr Akanbi also notes that the 3 functioning hydro power plants – Kainji, Jebba & Shiroro – cannot adequately carry the power demands of Nigerians. In any case, the restored Shiroro dam will help.