Shocking Details of Mmabatho Montsho’s Love Story with Husband Mbuyiseni Ndlozi

Since Montsho’s emergence in the public arena, South African men and even those beyond have been drooling over the artist until her romantic entanglement with politician and spokesperson of the EFF Mbuyiseni Ndlozi hit the airwaves. Though the couple made attempts to keep deets of their relationship private at the initial stage, they have learned to express their love for each other in the open. Ndlozi for one often takes to social media to let the world know that he is taken and Mmabatho is the one that makes his heart beat faster. Their relationship seems to be going very strong at the moment but there’s more to it beyond what you already know.

How Long have Mmabatho Montsho and Mbuyiseni been Together?

Mmabatho Montsho and Mbuyiseni Ndlozi possibly began dating when there was not much media attention on them, thus, it’s difficult to say how long their dalliance has lasted. However, speculations about their relationship began going around in 2017, but the rumors weren’t taken seriously as neither Mmabatho nor Mbuyiseni deemed it necessary to come up with a confirmation or a denial.

Even without the couple’s confirmation about their purported romance, unfolding events continued to hint at a possible dalliance between the two. The duo began making public appearances together and by so doing, people spotted them together at different points. Sometimes, people being together may mean that they were involved in a business deal or other mundane stuff.  However, in Montsho and Mbuyiseni’s case, they were clearly romantically involved as they were seen decked up in the same outfit colors.

Mmabatho Montsho
Mmabatho and Mbuyiseni: image source

Before long, the duo started flooding their socials with photos of the time they spend together. Yes, their rocking the same outfit makes a bold statement to anybody who looks at the pictures, but the smiles on the couple’s faces is an undeniable testament of their love story. Needless to say that the bright smile is also an indication of how happy and fulfilled they seem to be.

Is Mmabatho Montsho Really Married to Mbuyiseni Ndlozi?

Going by what we gathered from reports, Mmabatho and Mbuyiseni are yet to shed the cloak of single life to embrace matrimony, but it has been unequivocally confirmed that they are an item. As the speculations about their purported love story reached crescendo, Mbuyiseni himself decided to come up with a confirmation. In the EFF spokesperson’s words, he referred to himself as a man in love but the identity of the one who occupies his heart remained shrouded.

However, with time, keeping it under wraps was no longer necessary as it became an established fact that Mmabatho is the woman responsible for that ear to ear grin we see on the South African politician’s face whenever he mentions his bea. Consequently, reliable media outfits like Drum began to carry their stories; one of their headlines read that former Generations actress Mmabatho had captured the heart of Mbuyiseni ‘The People’s Bae’. The EFF member’s declaration of being taken obviously left a string of broken hearts as many female fans started idolizing him from the first day he surfaced as EFF’s spokesperson.

Anybody who has been opportune to have a peek at the photos of the duo on social media will agree that they look cute together; an epitome of the perfect couple. Their fans are quite optimistic that wedding bells will soon ring for the couple as they take the ultimate step towards spending the rest of their lives together. However, no one knows when and how it will happen, only time will tell.

Here’s why they Kept Their Romance a Secret at First

The reason for this is not far-fetched, according to Mmabatho Montsho’s boyfriend, he needed to guard his lady against the prying eyes of the public. Besides, both of them are people whose news will always rave up unnecessary speculations as they are constantly under the spotlight. Perhaps, Mbuyiseni didn’t want the info to hit the airwaves before they were ready to make the announcement.

Now that their love story is all out in the open, the couple no longer keeps things shrouded. They started sharing news about each on their socials, like birthday and anniversaries. A good instance was Mbuyiseni’s congratulatory message to Mmabatho as far back as 2017.

The politician took to social media to share a warm message about his girlfriend, asking God to grant the actress prosperity and growth in her artistic work and economic freedom in the people’s lifetime.

The Lovers aren’t Relenting

In recent times, on the occasion of Mmabatho Montsho’s 37th birthday celebration, the South African EFF spokesperson was not averse to publicly wishing his heartthrob a happy celebration. Mbuyiseni leveraged his socials to wish her a happy one, sharing a video of Mmabatho gracefully dancing to the track Happy Birthday by Samthing Soweto.

Mbuyiseni’s birthday post didn’t just end with the dancing which though was the highlight; the caption was quite catchy as it talked about Mmabatho having several more years of living her life to the fullest. The South African beauty was sighted as she cut her birthday cake in what can only be described as an intimate moment.

It would seem that her significant other was not the only one that gave Mmabatho Montsho a social media shout-out on her 37th birthday, some of her colleagues in the entertainment industry also remembered to wish her well. A couple of actresses Masasa Mbangeni and Terry Pheto sent down their wishes, so did Angie Khumalo – a sports host on MetroFM.

Let’s Meet Mmabatho’s Boyfriend Mbuyiseni Ndlozi

He goes by the name Dr. Mbuyiseni Quintin Ndlozi, born on the 9th of May 1985, the South African is the son of a single mother and never set eyes on his dad till adult age. He is an alumnus of the University of Witwatersrand where he studied humanities and bagged a degree thereof. In 2017, he scored his doctorate in Political Science from Wits.

Dr. Mbuyiseni became politically conscious at a very young age after his uncle had a bad experience at the hands of the apartheid police. Consequently, he joined the SA Youth Movement, participating in several political groups including the African National Congress Youth League, Young Communist League, as well as the South African Students Congress. His life caught media attention when he became the national spokesperson of the EFF Economic Freedom Fighters and since then, he has been under the radar of the media. He recorded a feat in 2017 when he emerged as the Most Influential Young South African.

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