Here’s The Reason Why Kanye West Deleted Donald J. Trump Tweets

Kanye West, one of the biggest fans of United States President Donald J. Trump has recently deleted all tweets in relation to their meeting late last year. His fans and most politically minded members of the public have been agog and asking why “Kanye West Deletes Tweets with Donald Trump”

The meeting which really looked like a win in the music world for Donald Trump is now looking like an “L” for the president.

Did the president’s new policies tick Kanye West off? Did he finally give in to the pressure around him? Or is this just another publicity stunt from the artist?

Kanye West Deletes Tweets

As we can see from the tweet above, dated 13th of December 2016, Kanye West talks about the reason why he wanted to meet Donald Trump.

Six minutes later, Kanye further went on to tweet on the specific issues discussed. Now from the picture below, we can clearly see the above tweets are missing.

The time slot between the tweets clearly shows 16 Dec 2016 & 21 Oct 2016. So what happened to the tweets he tweeted about Trump on the 13th of December?

Whatever the case may be, our sources have just informed us there is a link to a new track just produced by Kanye which aims at getting Donald Trump impeached. The track was produced by Kanye, for one of his artists signed under Good Music by the name “King Myers”.

Here are some tweets regarding the same:

Still on Kanye, let’s not forget he has been preaching he would run for president in 2020 and though he never went out to vote during the just-concluded elections, he said he would have voted for Donald Trump if he actually voted.

Well, just like the words and stories we frequently hear from Donald Trump himself, everything is subject to change and Kanye might have just changed his mind on what he thinks about Donald Trump being the president.

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