7 Habits Men Disclosed That They Despise About Kenyan Single Mothers

It’s a challenge for single moms to raise their children in the world that we’re in today as nobody wants to scare guys away because they have kids or they are drawn to motherly duties. They’re always busy, always rushing, always thinking 15 steps ahead, always engrossed in their ill habits– and usually never get to spend about one or two hours with their children. And this most times adds to the reason why children of single parents face a huge challenge in life outside financial issues. Going through life with hurts that can limit the possibilities and prospects of those children to be able to have reasons to live.  Such children receive little or no parental care because some single mothers sometimes get stressed out of being stuck by duties of a mother because in actuality they are not eligible mothers. Because out-of-wedlock births don’t put them in the circles of real married mothers they return to their fundamental routines — whether those are good or bad. In fact, some of them become worse than they were before they got pregnant. After all, she has other concerns, too forgetting that those children didn’t ask to be in a situation like that. Now there is need to let these Kenyan single mothers know that men are now sick of some of their ill habits which include the following:

Kenyan Single Mothers And What Kenyan Men Hate About Them

1. Indecent Dressing Which is Just their Norm

One would think these ladies will become wiser and more mature than the rest after stepping into motherhood. But no, this is exactly the time skimpy and erotic dresses will be the code. In fact, few months after having the baby clubbing will turn into a regular routine. They drink the most, party hard and are ready to get into a love affair with any man who proves he can handle the fact she already has a baby outside wedlock. And even when their babies (including the female children) are grown enough to notice their ill-habit, they will still sneak out at night dressed like a whore in search of fun. Tell me what impression are you leaving with such innocent girls. Only time will tell what they will grow to become.

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2. Leaving their Children Under Lock at Home Just so They Can Party

According to men, they despise any single mother who locks up her child just to have late night fun. Yeah, that’s how bad some of their habits get. You might begin to question if their mothers didn’t teach them that children could wake up at odd hours in search of their mom’s cuddle or pat? Okay imagine if a fire breaks out or any other unplanned occurrence, how would they flee the scene? There are somethings people see as right reasons to take big risks, are partying and debauchery among?

3. Most of them Hold Men Higher Than their Child

Men say that they hate women whose major interest is to please a man by all possible means. This is because most single mothers make men their prime concern.  They view men as the most pressing thing in hope that giving all their time to the so-called understanding bae would get him to stick around and maybe turn a new dad to their children. Young single ladies hunt down men in pursuit of brighter future for their children more than a girl at the same age but without any child. Based on men’s comment, single mothers sacrifice a lot to keep a man who accepts the situation they have found themselves in. Though all these are not peculiar to single parents, Kenyan single mothers do it the most.

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4. Single Mothers Lack Independence

Kenyan single mothers face financial pressures, yes we know, but constantly passing on bills to every man that comes around them is not appealing. According to what men disclosed, Kenyan single mothers often include a man in all the budgets they make.  Some even ask men they are not actually going out with for money thereby creating the grounds for flirting. They only give out the wrong impression that all the men around the world should have mercy on them for being abandoned by their baby papas.

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5. Always Being Spiteful to Men

Men revealed that Kenyan single mothers are fond of treating all men like they are the one man who dumped the baby on them. Men confessed how much they hate the way single mothers all over Kenya view them as the one that fended off the product of their past relationship. This, without doubt, is common among Kenyan single mothers who are often widely loud and are the most insistent critics of men and everything concerning men skipping the fact that they, out of their own making, got themselves into the mess.

6. Men Hate the Fact That you Have Sex With your Child in the Room

There are financial pressures mostly on the part of single mothers in Kenya which often times make them share one bedroom hovel or less with their child particularly for those with enough money to leave in their own apartment. We see nothing absolutely wrong with it,  but what is more annoying to men is that some single mothers invite their boos over and they end up having sex while their kids are asleep or the child end up being put down to less comfortable position so not to wake up while they have sex. If the man around you is okay with this kind of arrangement, expect him to take the door when you conceive again.

7. Leaving the Child with Mother so you can Go out and Party

Kenyan men also hate to meet a girl at the club only to discover that she left her child at home with her mother so she could raise him or her for her. Most men said only the thought make them sick. How could you possibly leave your child with your mother, if you were married would have done that? No matter how busy your schedule, it is good you bring up your own child.

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