Shona Ferguson Didn’t Have A Second Wife But Shared Lovely Children with Connie – Inside His Family

In an interview in 2007, Connie claimed that she first despised Shona’s tattoos, but a week after meeting him, she decided to demonstrate her love by having a dragon – a smaller replica of the one on his right arm – inked into the small of her back. She stated that she wanted him to know that she saw beyond all of his flaws. It’s a symbol of their love and unity.

More so, the golden pair, who appeared on innumerable magazine covers and TV shows, frequently boasted of their initial connection and falling in love at first sight. However, their romantic journey experienced its fair share of setbacks during their time together.

Shona & Connie Ferguson’s Age Difference Was Never A Problem In Their Love Story

Shona and Connie Ferguson remained happily married since they tied the knot in November 2001 and had gone on to build an empire together, despite the fact that their union had been ridiculed due to their age difference. Connie Ferguson is older than her late husband, Shona – he was born in April 1974, while she was born in June 1970. Most people, particularly South Africans, believe that the husband must be older than his wife, but theirs was not so, hereby raising many questions.

Despite this, the couple chose not to listen to the critics, and together they proved that age is just a number in marriage and nothing more. They showed mutual respect and love for each other and over the years, they inspired the country not only through their commercial success but also via their admirable marital bliss.

They had frequently demonstrated that they were everyone’s couple ambitions with their public shows of devotion which were immensely poignant even though they had been married for close to 2 decades. One such instance was in 2020 when Shona paid his wife a visit while filming The Queen and it was obvious that he couldn’t take his eyes off her while he was with her. More so, he never failed to celebrate her birthdays as he would usually congratulate her and wish her a happy birthday on Instagram with emotional words.

It was also gathered that sometime in 2017, Shona Ferguson surprised his wife with a sleek Mercedes-Benz AMG63 and Connie was thrilled to receive the gift when she arrived home – she expressed her delight and thankfulness on Instagram. Connie definitely considered herself fortunate to have married Shona Ferguson, and we know he felt the same way too.

Connie Had Been Married Before Settling With Shona

Connie Ferguson is no doubt popular in the entertainment industry as she is notable as a South African actress, producer, and businesswoman. Although she was Shona’s first wife, Shona, on the other hand, was not her first spouse. In 1993, the actress married her first husband – actor and producer, Neo Matsunyane.

There is no information about the specifics of their 5-year relationship. However, it is known that Neo and Connie had a daughter named Lesedi Matsunyane whom she ended up raising alongside her daughter with Shona – Alicia Angel Ferguson.

Shona Was Both A Loving Father & Step-father To Their Children

As aforementioned, Connie Ferguson’s daughter, Lesedi Matsunyane, stayed with her after the divorce, and Shona Ferguson adopted the young lady as his daughter. He raised her as though she was his biological daughter and she is very much involved in the family business.

Lesedi Matsunyane works as a content creator, performer, and cast coordinator with Ferguson Films. However, she was not the only one that was influenced by her parents as the young lady had talked her step-dad into becoming an actor and actually gave him the pep talk he needed to give it a trial.

With regards to their second daughter, Alicia Angel Ferguson – Shona was also a doting father to her. Like her parents, she plans to work in the South African entertainment industry and is currently an expert drummer and pianist.

The Fergusons Had Impressive Marital Milestones

Although their budding days in marriage were not so spectacular, the pair decided to raise the bar higher in the union sometime in 2011. It was actually to mark their 10 years anniversary and Shona Ferguson chose to renew his wedding vows with his wife, Connie Ferguson, in a rather grand way that year. Even though they had only 70 individuals in attendance, it was a fantastic event.

More so, after 10 years of marriage and a kid, the couple still appeared young and passionately in love as they stood at the altar, staring into each other’s eyes. Connie chose an ivory sheath gown made by Biji, who previously designed her wedding gown in 2001. The corset-style top of the gown was beautifully crafted with Swarovski crystals, pearls, lace, and silver beads, while ivory sheaths served as the gown’s second skin. Shona Ferguson was also dressed to the nines, sporting a crisp Fabiani white shirt, a fitted suit, and a matching dark blue bow tie.

Connie and Shona were supposed to celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary in November 2021. However, that milestone won’t be feasible as Shona died unexpectedly on 30th July 2021. However, their family will forever be known as a closely knitted and happy bunch who thrived both on the home front and business front. The Ferguson girls were also raised in an environment that emphasized moral values like honesty, respect, and love – which will always be imprinted in their hearts.

Did Shona Fegurson Really Marry A Second Wife?

The couple was dogged by reports that Shona was marrying a second wife sometime in 2018. According to the gossip mill, an email was circulating on the internet regarding Connie Ferguson’s husband having an affair with one of her Generations coworkers. The chain mail even claims that Kagiso is pregnant with Shona’s child. More so, claims surfaced, saying that Connie had an affair with Buyile Mdladla while still married to Neo Matsunyane and that she was the Generations star referred to by Buyile’s ex-wife in the Drum Magazine expose.

Mr. Fegurson made the decision to address the rumors about his alleged infidelity. He discarded the email circulating with rumors that he and his wife were divorcing because he made a coworker of hers pregnant. Shona actually revealed that when he initially heard about the rumor, he laughed it off, choosing to let it slide but because the rumors were persisting, he decided to clear the air. He clearly pointed out that he is not acquainted with Kagiso Rakosa and only got to know her when she worked with his wife Connie and that was the extent of his knowledge of her. He stated unequivocally that he and his wife are not divorcing. They were, in fact, happier than they have ever been at the time.


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