Showcase Synonyms – 20 Words That Can Be Used Instead

We thought we might help you out with your vocabulary, So we will take you through some of the showcase synonyms and the meanings you prabably didn’t know.

First and foremost, when you hear showcase, the nearest image you have is an exhibition. The word showcase is a compound word consisting of 2 words, “show” and “case”. Both words takes your mind to a visual imagery.

Together as a word, the “visual” essence is stressed even more especially when used as a noun.

Showcase depending on the usage is either a verb or a noun.

So our showcase synonyms will come in 2 categories- as a noun and as a doing word.

Did you know that there are about 381 showcase synonyms that you can use?

Showcase Synonyms as nouns

1. Assay– A sort of  test or evaluation

Example: An assay of the mattresses showed signs of mutilation

2. Experiment/Experimentation– A trial; Practical investigation

Example: The experiment has been scheduled for next week.

3. Analysis– Cautious inspection

Example: The records will go through another round of analysis.

4. Experience– An occurrence; an event

Example: It was an unforgettable experience at the park yesterday.

5. Disport- A form of performance or entertainment

Example: The disports were not enough to distract his thoughts.

Showcase Synonyms

6. Lick– The coating or covering of a surface

Example: The artist chose a perfect lick of paint for the work.

7. Shakedown– A test or thorough search

Example: The office shakedown took a toll on his nerves.

8. Probation– Under supervision

Example: The probation period will elapse after a couple of weeks.

9. Phenomenon– Remarkable case or occurrence

Example: Darwin’s evolution theory is still a controversial phenomenon.

10. Show Window– an outside display window in a store from which products are shown; a setting used to illustrate something

Example: Sarah’s eyes were completely glued to the show window. 

11. Vitrine- A glass cabinet (Showcase) used for displaying fine wares or specimens

Example: The old vases have been removed from the vitrine

12. Struggle– When referring to a test or competition, it serves as a synonym for showcase.

Example:  “It was a good struggle” can also mean, “It was a good showcase.”

13. Undertaking– A task; enterprise; project

Example: It was indeed a fruitful undertaking.

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Showcase synonyns

14 Exposition– A presentation, exhibition, demonstration

Example: Tony’s exposition was worth the time and resources

15. Hassle– Striving (Used in the same light as struggle)

Example: The hassles will make you stronger

16. Trial– A test; try-out; experiment.

Example: He left for the trial with his boots.

17. Research & Development

19. Fling– An expedition (Usually Romantic)

Example: It appears it was just a fling after all

Showcase synonyms

20. Audition– A presentation

Example: I opted to boycott the audition.

Showcase Synonyms as verbs- words that are concerned with viewing effects.

1. Broadcast– To show and share a piece of information

Example: Harry vowed to broadcast the scandalous affair today.

2. Flaunt– To display for the purpose of getting attention

Example: Flaunt it if you can’t fix it.

3. Disclose– To reveal or show something

Example: They chose to die than disclose their accomplices.

4. Brandish– To wave or flourish something,usually a weapon, as a threat or in anger or excitement.

Example: Fear engulfed the crowd when he brandished the machete

Showcase Synonyms

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5. Model– To display clothes by wearing them

Example: The mannequins were used to model the collections

6. Impart– To present and spread knowledge/information

Example: Imparting Knowledge is his specialty.

7. Stage– To organize or participate in a performance or public event

Example: They surprisingly staged an interesting dance drama.

8. Substantiate– To provide evidence to support or prove the truth

Example: There was no proof to substantiate his claims.

9. Voice– To express oneself by speaking

Example: No one dared to voice the truth.

10. Evince– To indicate or show the presence of something, fact or a feeling

Example: The movie evinced sad emotions in everyone.

11. Flourish– To wave something strategically in order to get attention

Example: Dave was proud to flourish his nation’s flag

12. Ostend– To set forth, demonstrate or teach

Example: He ostended the story with the puppet show

13. Divulge– To make public a private and sensitive information

Example: The mystic also failed to divulge the secret.

14Stab– The act of piercing a surface with a pointed weapon

Exercise: It was sickening to see her stab the dog

Showcase synonyms

15. Perform– To accomplish a task Or present a theatrical activity

Example: Effective rehearsals helps actors perform better

16. Promulgate– To promote or make something widely known

Example: The law was promulgated in the year 1804

17. Grandstand– To strut, show off or parade something

Example: Her grandstand ended with a fall on the runway

18. Glaze– overlay or cover (food, fabric, etc.) with a smooth, shiny coating or finish.

Example: The surface was stylishly glazed with an oil paint. 

19. Vamp– To fix or remodel something

Example: The government is off to re-vamping the educational sector. 

20. Sheath– A case for a knife, blade or sword

Example: Sheath your sword