Between Genuinely Nice And Fake People Are These Signs

Fake means double standard and fake people are people whose words don’t match up to their actions.

If the natural vibe in your conversations and even laughter loses taste all of a sudden and the only thing missing is a camera, then you are in dire need of real people.

You must have heard it, fake is fast becoming the new real and so many people seem to be in style.

With absolutely no intention of promoting mediocrity, our radio and TV media could be guilty of blending in with the fake style sometimes. Speak well… by all means; but assuming an intonation and accent that does not come naturally to you speaks volume of one’s self confidence.

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Putting up with the media is one thing but coping with fake people around you 24/7 is completely sickening (assuming we are not of same feather).

In a world that celebrates fake people, pretense has taken a whole new level, you might need to be extra vigilant around your “nice” buddies. If charity in our time has its fake versions then having “fake nice friends’ is not surprising.

Here are signs that may help you know who’s fake and who’s genuine:

1. Fair-Weather Friends


They are only around when the going is good; or they expect to get something from you. Real people are the ones who experience different weathers with you and still have your back.

2. Two-Faced


While real people respect everyone irrespective of status, fake people have most regards for a selected few- prominent and powerful.

3. Self-seeking


Fake people usually want to be the centre of attention.

4. Too Nice


Fake people desperately want to be liked. They fight so hard to impress.

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5. Lack Genuine Commitment


They tell you what you want to hear and fail you on the long run.

6. They are chameleons

They go with the crowd. The pink house becomes black if “Oprah Winfrey” thinks it’s black. Sycophancy is not a problem for fake people.

7. Keeping Up With A Self-Acclaimed Reputation


8. Fake people are liars who enjoy unnecessary drama.