Introducing Africa’s Latest Phone Invention; Works With No SIM & No Airtime

A Namibian school boy identified as Simon Petrus from Ohagwena has invented a special kind of a phone.

The phone has been designed in such a way that it uses no SIM card and no airtime. Beat that!

Who says it will not be a market breaker if this invention is followed up and possibly re-branded.

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Simon’s invention is not only huge for posterity but physically huge in appearance too. The invention is still in its cumbersome stage. The size of the phone at the moment is that of a box. That regardless, the phone works perfectly well.

Simon Petrus is a 12th grader at Abraham Iyambo Senior Secondary School. The young tech-whiz has been in the business of making amateur tech-inventions which are sponsored by his parents who are surprisingly unemployed.

In 2015, the young man was a gold winner at a national science competition. He invented a two-in-one machine that works as both a seed drier and cooler.

Simon Petrus devoted 2 whole years to make this breakthrough a functional reality. He hopes that his product will go beyond the present stage and equally be embraced by the African market.

So how is it that the phone does not use neither a SIM card nor airtime?

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Simon put his phone together with spare parts of a typical phone and a television set. The phone invention only works with a radio system. With the radio frequencies, calls are made.

The huge phone prototype has a light bulb, fan and charger socket attached to a box. The invention is then powered by the supplied radiation.

Did you also know that the box-sized creation affords users to view one TV channel on it?

Simon Petrus hopes his invention will make a mark in the world of ICT.