Simon Sinek Biography – 5 Cool Facts You Need To Know

Famous for his blockbuster TED talk, Simon Sinek remains one of America’s finest organizational consultants and motivational speakers. If you’re looking him up now, you’ve probably bumped into one of his talks or his groundbreaking book; Start With Why. Although he was born in the UK, Sinek spent the most part of his formative years living in Johannesburg, South Africa, London, and Hong Kong before settling in the United States. Whether it’s for information or mentorship purposes, your search for details of Sinek’s life has paid off. So, sit back and enjoy 5 cool facts you need to know.

Simon Sinek’s Biography

Simon Sinek was born—Simon Oliver Sinek—in Wimbledon, London on October 9, 1973, to the family of Steve and Susan Sinek. His mother, Susan is the author of several books including the Simply Scrumptious Desserts book. Although we’re not sure if he had any siblings, we know that he attended Northern Valley Regional High School, Demarest, where he graduated from in 1991. Following high school, Sinek proceeded to London’s City University where he studied law. And then Brandeis University where he acquired a Bachelor of Arts degree in cultural anthropology.

Although Sinek studied everything law back in school, his career will take him through a wholly different path. While that’s no surprise, it seems Sinek has succeeded more outside the law than he would’ve ever been had he taken the high silk road of attorneyship.

Simon Sinek’s Career

Before going solo, Simon Sinek got his career started in advertising at the New York-based ad agencies Euro RSCG and Ogilvy & Mather. He later launched his own business, Sinek Partners. Not too long after, he moved to establish Sinek Partners where he is keen on teaching leaders and organizations how to lead and be at the cutting edge of the market. Through his well-articulated message, Sinek hopes to build a corporate world where people come to work for a cause they feel inspired about, an organization that “has their back” and to return home having the fulfillment of adding their own quota to life, positively.

Although Sinek is known for many things, one thing he’s perhaps best known for is his popularizing of the Why mantra. Plus, he’s also the patriarch of the Sinek Golden Circle. No! Not Kingsman’s Golden Circle, this one is centered on a naturally occurring pattern that draws its origin from the biology of human decisions. It seeks to explain why some organizations are ahead while the others simply muddle through.

As with every success story, it takes one thing to break into the spotlight. There may have been other earlier notable works, but one just stands you out. The same is true with Simon Sinek’s blockbuster TEDx talk; How Great Leaders Inspire Action. The talk is listed as the third most popular Technology, Entertainment and Design (TED) presentation of all time. And was ranked the 7th most viewed video on of 2017.
Surely, this message has resonated really well.

Simon Sinek.
Simon Sinek Speaks about Millennials on the Tom Bilyeu Show

Simon Sinek is a popular face in most US institutions especially the military. He is a regular contributor to the Huffington Post and also shares much of his thoughts on his own website; He makes guest appearances on MSNBC’ show; Your Business. Sinek’s unconventional and matter-of-fact views on leadership and organizational performance have made him one of the most sought after public speakers in the US. Consequently, he gets invited by several organizations including Microsoft, MARS, Intel, SAP, the US Congress, and of course, the US military. So far, he’s spoken and written for The New York Times, The Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, FastCompany, NPR, Business Week and Houston Chronicle. That’s not all.

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Simon Sinek’s unique message has taken him to the highest corridors of power. He has shared his ideas with diplomats including ambassadors of Iran and Bahrain to the United States. Sinek also serves as an adjunct staff member of one of the world’s most respected think Tanks, the RAND Corporation. In June of 2018, sources announced a $98,000 no-bid contract from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) for “customized Simon Sinek leadership training.” We really hope you know what that means. Well, if you’re a slow catcher, it simply means; big bucks! The training took place between April 26 and May 15 of 2018. So far, Simon Sinek has authored five bestseller books. While we could go on and on, we have condensed every other thing there is to know about Sinek on the list of 5 cool facts below. Enjoy.

5 Cool Facts You Need to Know

1. Simon Sinek’s Net Worth

With five books and counting, hundreds of speaking engagements and training sessions every year, a thriving YouTube channel and multiple appearances on TV, it’s safe to say all of that translates to dollars one way or the other. As of this writing, sources estimate Sinek’s total net worth to be around $15 million. However, his actual earnings are still not known.

2. Authored Books

While he’s best known for his 2009 bestselling book; Start With Why, Simon Sinek is also author of four equally impactful books; Leaders Eat Last: Why Some Teams Pull Together and Others Don’t (2014), Together Is Better: A Little Book of Inspiration (2016), Find Your Why: A Practical Guide for Discovering Purpose for You and Your Team (2017). And of course, The Infinite Game which he published in 2019.

3. Family and Sexual Orientation

So much fame, yet so much silence. Like a few others, Sinek has succeeded in keeping a greater part of his private life undercover. At least some things are best kept a secret. We’re sure he’s chosen the low-key path to protect his family from the piercing eyes of the media. There’s been no news concerning his family, but he is assumed to be married with kids. On the other hand, there have been rumors about Sinek’s gay status, but since the writer hasn’t come out plain to confirm or dispel them, they remain mere rumors.

4. Youtube & Social Media Fame

When Sinek mounted the stage to speak at the 2011 TEDx event in Maastricht, he hardly knew that the recordings of his speech would become the next big thing. The speech which he titled How Great Leaders Inspire Action, has been listed as the third most popular Technology, Entertainment and Design (TED) presentation of all time. With that came a locust-like following on social media. Sinek has around 1 million followers on Facebook; over 200k followers on Instagram, more than 440k followers on Twitter and about 300k subscriptions on YouTube.

5. Body Measurement

Simon Sinek has a fit build. He stands 5 feet 10 inches tall; has light brown hair and blue eyes. As of this writing, details about his weight, body measurement, shoe and dress sizes are unavailable.


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