Simona Mangiante- Biography, Age, Facts about George Papadopoulos Wife

Simona Mangiante garnered much fame from back when she put up a valiant fight in the protection of her better half, George Papadopoulos; a man who once occupied the spot as the former campaign manager of President Donald Trump. He was captured and detained for deceiving the FBI with false information during the investigation of Russian association in Trump’s election.

For the two short weeks he was detained, his wife Simona Mangiante became his public spokesperson and was inevitably dragged into the chaos. Her occupation as a lawyer aided most of her views about the confusion between her husband and other intelligence agencies. Moreso, she has also played as an actress and craftsman; careerwise.

Simona Mangiante’s Biography

Simona Mangiante was born sometime in 1989 in Italy. She is an alumnus of the University of Valencia where she studied and graduated with a degree in International Law and Legal Studies. In her later years, she acquired a Masters degree from the University Libre de Bruxelles majoring in International Relations and Affairs

Simona Mangiante has proven to be a bag filled with talent and is quite versatile when it comes to her handiwork. To some, she is a lawyer and an actress while to a few others she is known for her art crafts.  She once worked with the European Union as an expert in a few cases including one of child kidnapping before being promoted in 2016 to the spot of an executive in International and Diplomatic cooperation of London’s center of International Law practice.

Mangiante’s public persona is as fascinating as any happy ending tale. She became famous after showing strong support for her husband after he got implicated in a web of issues concerning the US-Russia relations and the presidential campaign of Donald Trump. She took a solid stance as his support system hoping he will be acquitted by the president for what he has been blamed for.

Facts About George Papadopoulos Wife Simona Mangiante


Simona Mangiante once worked for Versace in Paris and was an associate for Mayor Brown before working for Joseph Mifsud; a professor who was allegedly the middleman between Papadopolous and Russian officials. Moreso, Mangiante had worked for two high cadre European officials that worked in the Parliament, Mairead McGuinness (Vice president) and his predecessor Roberta Angelilli and was an administrator under the presidency of Martin Schulz to the home affairs committee. Aside from being a lawyer and model, the Italian beauty has also been in the entertainment industry and featured in the movie “Affairs On Capri”.

Marriage to Papadopoulos

Simona Mangiante
Simona Mangiante and George Papadopoulos

The Elegant Italian Beauty is married to George Papadopolous who was part of the foreign policy advisory body of the 2016 campaign team that prompted the triumph of President Donald Trump. The couple’s relationship began when they both met in New York. After they had gotten to know each other for ten months, they proceeded to tie the knot at the Chicago City hall but unfortunately could not have the special first night of their dreams because George was restricted from traveling due to the ongoing investigation by the government of the United States of America in the year 2016 as regards Russian impact on the election of Donald Trump. He admitted to the charge about making contact with the Russian Government which led him to be investigated by the government.

More about George Papadopoulos

George was groomed by his parents in LincolnWood, Illinois after he was born on August 19th, 1987. He attended Niles West High School after which he moved on to obtain a degree in political science from De Paul University and had his masters in security studies at Kings College London. His father was involved in neighborhood politics in the Greek-American community so it is not much of a surprise that his son additionally got involved in politics and has held different positions. George is affluent in different dialects such as English, Arabic, French, and Greek.

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She is a Supportive Wife

Simona Mangiante is a fighter, she has shown strong support for her husband with her several pleas to the United States government. She publicly proclaimed that her husband was set up by the federal bureau of investigation as well as other intelligence agencies.


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