Simone Thurber-- The Woman Who Headed To A Rainforest To Birth

A woman who lives in Australia was so intent on not giving birth in a hospital that she had to go all the way to a rainforest, but why ?

The woman, Simone Thurber was warned by her doctor that her pregnancy would be high-risk. Hence she decided she was going to give birth the ‘natural way’, right out in nature and not in a hospital.

“Let’s face it women have been giving birth in the wild for thousands of years but the thought [of]a modern woman squatting in a creek and giving birth horrified many people even before I gave birth and shared the video,” she told Daily Mail.

She said she did not want her child to be given birth to surrounded by machines and in the cold atmosphere that is well accustomed with a hospital. Thurber’s dream of giving birth out in nature was made easier by the support of her husband at the time.

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As a Doula/birthing therapist, she seemed the most qualified to try out giving birth in the rainforest without the help of a midwife. As the day of delivery approached, Simone and her husband headed for Daintree rainforest.

They had at first decided to try it out at the beach but could not due to a jellyfish infestation.

The duo later headed for a stream that happened to be nearby and proceeded to deliver her baby on a foam mat. Her labour lasted longer than expected but birthing a healthy baby girl made up for the long hours.

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She stated that unlike her previous births, she did not experience postpartum depression but instead felt energized.

Thurber’s daughter, called Perouze is now four years old and has reached all of her milestones, according to Simone Thurber.

perouze simon thurber's daughter

Simone Thurber’s birth clip which has already amassed millions of views on different platforms can be viewed below: