Ridiculous things

We are all guilty of sometimes spending money on ridiculous things that often make us feel guilty or silly. If you have ever felt that way, then I am sure this post will you make you feel better or make you want to auction your life on eBay.

While some people have to struggle to make ends meet, some others just sit home wondering what to do with all the money they have amassed over time and in most cases, the result is something out of this world.

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Well, it could also be bored and desperate people who really need to make fast cash.

Hawks on Board


An Arab prince reportedly paid for plane tickets for his 80 hawks as seen posted by this Reddit user. Apparently, some airlines permit hawks on board, but 80 hawks? We can only imagine how this flight turned out to be.

Life for Sale

ian usher

Once upon a time, an Australian sold his life, friends, and possessions on eBay for $380,000. Ian Usher had reportedly just separated from his wife when he put up his life for auction on eBay. “Who would be so silly to literally buy a life” many thought. However, it turned out there were so many “life-buyers” that the highest bidder for Ian’s life offered to pay him $380,000. He has reportedly started a new life after buying an island in the Caribbean.

Sun Ownership

angeles duran

Many of us are thankful for the free things in life, such as water, the sun, the air we breathe and so on, but not Angeles Duran, at least she does not think one of those things are free. In fact, she claimed ownership of the Sun, even going further to state that she was going to bill everyone in the world who uses the sun.

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First Class Ticket for a Hat.


Paul David Hewson popularly referred to as Bono once paid for a first class ticket for his hat after realizing he had forgotten it at an airport. Well, desperate times call for desperate measures.

A Kiss From Sharon Stone

Sharon Stone

It’s common to have people obsessed with celebrities, but what is not common is shelling out thousands of dollars just to have a 45-second kiss with your favourite celebrity. This was the case with a Sharon Stone fan, Joni Rimm who paid $50,000 for a kiss with the actress.

Expensive Ice Cubes


Ice cubes are pretty easy and cheap to make, right? But not if you’re having the Gläce Luxury Ice Co. bag which contains 50 ice cubes and is being sold for $325. The ice cubes which reportedly last longer and are healthier than the hand-made ones in your fridge is sold at high-end bars to really rich folks who love their ice luxurious.