sixth nuclear test

While the world was still contending with North Korea’s last missile test that scared Japan indoors the country went ahead on Sunday to conduct a sixth nuclear test that has been described as its most powerful nuke to date.

North Korea alleged that the test was of an advanced hydrogen bomb designed to be paired with its newly developed intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM).

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Speculations based on the tremors from the blast suggested the bomb was about 10 times more powerful than the last nuclear test North Korea conducted about a year ago.

After this sixth nuclear test, the Chinese president, Xi Jinping has said that a dark shadow is looming over the world after more than half a century of peace. Although he made no direct reference to North Korea’s sixth nuclear test as he addressed an annual summit of the Brics nations, he told his audience that only through dialogue, consultation and negotiation could “the flame of war be put out”.

Kim Jong-un sixth nuclear test

As he gave his 40-minute address he said;

“Thanks to the joint effort of all countries, global peace has reigned for more than half a century. However, incessant conflicts in some parts of the world and hotspot issues are posing challenges to world peace,”

“The intertwined threats of terrorism and a lack of cyber security – among others – have cast a dark shadow over the world. People around the world want peace and cooperation, not conflict or confrontation.”

Xi Jinping who would have used this Brics summit to further boost his image as an international statesman was upstaged by the nuclear test. The nuclear test caused a 6.3-magnitude earthquake, which shook towns and villages along eastern sections of China’s 880-mile border with North Korea and sent residents racing out into the streets.

On Monday, the United Nations Security Council will meet to discuss North Korea’s sixth nuclear test. Here are a couple sanctions that North Korea could face after this sixth nuclear test:

Cutting Off Oil Supplies

One way that the UNSC could try to curb North Korea’s missile and nuclear madness would be to cut off oil supply to the country. A whole lot of operations the world over still rely on power gotten from fossil fuels so this would be a rather stringent measure. China’s Global Times, an influential tabloid has warned against such a move.

It said in an editorial;

“Despite the anger of the Chinese public toward North Korea’s new nuclear test, we should avoid resorting to rash and extreme means by imposing a full embargo on North Korea.”

Preventing North Koreans From Working Abroad

The UNSC could also prevent North Koreans from working abroad that would, however, affect a lot of ordinary North Koreans who probably had no say in the actions of their leaders.

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Adding More Top Officials To A Blacklist

The UNSC could also add more of North Korea’s top officials to a blacklist. Past U.N. Security Council resolutions have not imposed sanctions on the North Korean leader on an individual basis but last year, Washington unilaterally imposed sanctions on Kim and 10 other top officials for North Korea’s poor human rights record and abuses in its notorious prison camps. It marked the first time that Washington attempted to pressure the top leadership through sanctions.

Banning Certain Exports

The UNSC could also just ban certain exports from North Korea

President Trump Also Threatened To Stop Trade With North Korea

President Donald Trump suggested on Twitter that the US could stop trading with any country that “is doing business” with North Korea.