Siya Kolisi

Springbok rugby player, Siya Kolisi, has said that he is not about to waste his time giving attention to hateful and racial comments against his marriage to a white woman.

The couple had endured racist comments long before now. They courted for 4 years till their marriage in August.

Instead of sharing in the joy of the star, some faceless internet users have boldly attacked the couple for their racial differences.

Over the weekend, it was reported that an elderly white man, Hannes Lottering, from Parys, expressed his disapproval of the interracial union on Facebook.

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Lottering became aggressive to an FB user who countered his point of view saying “we are all humans”. He rudely asked the FB user to keep off his wall.

Subsequently the racial post and his aggression attracted comments of diverse opinions.


The activity fatefully caught the eye of Deputy Public Protector Kevin Malunga. He reacted to the racial post in Twitter, saying,

“These racist fools come by the truckload”. 

Others who did not subscribe to the post expressed their views as well. A Twitter user (ashleynesh) was concerned that racists have now become “too comfortable” in attacking people and recommended that the government should step in and take a major decision that will tone down the height of racial crimes and attitudes.

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In October, Siya Kolisi’s wife, Rachel was hounded and constantly attacked on Facebook by a user identified as Charles Hermon.

“Leave Africa and go back to Europe and leave our good men to our own beautiful black women. Don’t need you here stealing our men”.


While her spouse says he will not waste his time on racial comments, Rachel thinks it is worth her time to set things straight.

 “I just feel it is worth my time. Not just for my family and I but for many others.”

The rate of racist tendencies in SA has demanded an urgent intervention coming from the government. President Zuma says that a National Action Plan to Combat Racism‚ Racial Discrimination‚ Xenophobia and Related Intolerance is being finalized.

“We will not allow a few racists to win the day and take us backwards.”– President Zuma.