Skin Bleaching

Maybe you have not heard it, but Lil Kim is now a white woman. Trust me, however, the beautiful rapper is not the only one to have gone to bed black only to wake up white. Before you guess wrong, it’s no miracle or magic.

In the last couple of years, the consumption of skin bleaching or toning products, have skyrocketed. Today, there is hardly any sign that there will be any slowing down anytime soon as the consumption is only getting Higher.

According to a statistics released by World Health Organization (WHO) in 2016, the top consumer of bleaching product in the world is Nigeria where 77% women bleach, followed by Togo with 59%, South Africa with 35%, and Mali at 25%.

Skin Bleaching

Before now, the boundaries of skin bleaching are drawn by sex, and men do not cross the boundaries. Things have, however, changed rather strongly. For the records, it is not Nigeria’s Bobrisky that has changed things; both older and younger men have been doing it before him and will do after.

Skin Bleaching: The Good?

As far as some men and even women are concerned, unless you are fair skinned, you are not beautiful. So the good thing with skin whitening is that it makes one more beautiful.

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According to the WHO statistics, Nigeria is the country that consumes skin toning cream more than every other in the world. The irony, however, is that it is the same country that produced the first black African Miss world in 2001 when Agbani Darego went on to wear the crown.

Beyond beauty and to the hierarchy of humans, most people (unfortunately even blacks), believe the whiter you are the more valuable you become. It was that way when people were put in the market of the slave trade and now it is, as people put themselves in the market of public opinion.

For such people, that is another good side of skin bleaching; it shoots up their value.

The Bad

Skin Bleaching
Lil Kim

The major bad side of skin bleaching is how harmful it can be to the skin and even your general health.

This is as a result of the harmful chemical substances used in the production of most of these bleaching creams. Such chemicals include mercury and hydroquinone which increases the risk of skin cancer. Also, the internal organs such as kidney and liver may be affected by some chemicals used in this cream.

More so, as the skin is made lighter as a result of bleaching, it increases the possibility of injury on one end and delayed healing process on the other.

Also, it is no guarantee that after the transformation of your skin you would feel beautiful. Hence it may lead to self-hate, depression, and even psychological problems.

Finally, experts have stated that one of the things that lead to bleaching the skin is low self-esteem. The bad news, they also noted, is that skin changing does not cure low-self esteem, therefore it could just be a walk in futility.

The Ugly

The ugliness of skin whitening or toning comes with age. As one ages and the skin begins to wrinkle and become less strong, most bleaching creams make it turn as though it were burnt or tanned.

Also, skin bleaching has been linked to faster aging of the skin.

Did I add the fact that most of these creams are substandard considering how cheap they can be? What this means is that taking off their health disadvantages, they can give your skin multiple colourations, which means going farther back than from where you were.