Smile Network Nigeria Data Plans and Prices

Having a fast and reliable internet service is a must if one hopes to succeed in our information-driven, fast-paced world. In Nigeria, there are quite a number of internet service providers, but what sets Smile Network apart is that it only has a 4G LTE network along with its broadband mobile internet service. Smile Network Nigeria data plans are extensive, offering different options according to the requirement of users.

Smile Network Data Plans and Bundles

Before purchasing any Smile Nigeria data plan, customers can either choose the sim-only starter pack option, where a 4G enabled smartphone is required, or alternatively, the router pack or the Mi-Fi pack options. The various Smile Nigeria data plans available can be categorized by the duration they are expected to last;

  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Yearly
  • Unlimited
  • Others

Smile Network Nigeria Daily Data Plans

The daily data plan is convenient for customers that use a lot of data daily or when one hopes to upload or download heavy data files on a particular day. If you are busy during the weekdays and tend to use a lot of data on weekends, the 1-weekend plan is also available. The options within the daily plan are:

Plan  Validity Prices Subscription Codes
1GB FlexiDaily 24hrs ₦300 GTBank USSD *737#
UBA USSD *919*23#
2.5GB FlexiDaily 48hrs ₦500
3GB Weekend ONLY 1 Weekend ₦1530


Smile Network Nigeria Weekly Data Plans

For customers whose data usage might depend on weekly activities, this is the perfect plan. On weeks when heavy data usage is needed, you can easily subscribe to any options that meet your needs. Under the weekly plan, there is also the MidNite plan, which allows you to use data from midnight until 6 am in the morning within a period of seven days. So, if you are a night owl or you work in a different time zone, this plan would come in handy.

Plan Validity Prices Subscription Codes
1GB FlexiWeekly 7 Days ₦500 GTBank USSD *737#
UBA USSD *919*23#
2GB FlexiWeekly ₦1000
2GB MidNite ₦1000
6GB FlexiWeekly ₦1500
3GB MidNite ₦1530


Smile Network Nigeria Monthly Data Plans

A monthly data plan is an option for data that lasts for 30 days. So depending on your monthly data usage, you can choose which data option to use each month. There is the option of ₦1,000 for 1.5 GB for users who don’t need so much data in a month and then there is that of 130GB at ₦19,800 for heavy monthly data users. Of course, there is an option for rollovers.

Plan Validity Prices Subscription Code
1.5GB Bigga 30 Days ₦1,000 GTBank USSD *737#
UBA USSD *919*23#
2GB Bigga ₦1,200
3GB Bigga ₦1,500
5GB Bigga ₦2,000
6.5GB Bigga ₦2,500
8GB Bigga ₦3,000
10GB Bigga ₦3,500
12GB Bigga ₦4,000
15GB Bigga ₦5,000
20GB Bigga ₦6,000
30BG Bigga ₦8,000
40GB Bigga ₦10,000
60GB Bigga ₦13,500
75GB Bigga ₦15,000
100GB Bigga ₦18,000
130GB Bigga ₦19,800


Smile Network Nigeria Yearly Data Plans

Now, if you are a heavy data user or you use data in bits over a long period of time, this is the plan for you. For heavy data users, there is even an option for 1TB. You can just buy this and not worry about data for a long time. For customers who don’t use data a lot, with the 15GB plan at ₦9,000, you can forget about buying data again throughout the year. Instead of buying on a weekly or monthly basis.

Plan Validity Prices Subscription Code
15GB 365 365 Days ₦9,000 GTBank USSD *737#
UBA USSD *919*23#
35GB 365 ₦19,000
70GB 365 ₦32,000
125GB 365 ₦50,000
200GB 365 ₦70,000
500GB 365 ₦100,000
1TB 365 ₦120,000


Smile Network Nigeria Unlimited Data Plans

Although data lasts for 30 days with this plan, it is unlimited in the sense that you would be getting enough (unlimited) and uninterrupted data with the period. So, for customers that use heavy data on a monthly basis, this plan is a great option. The Fair Usage Policy (FUP) applies to some options within this plan. This is basically capping of bandwidth after a customer’s data usage exceeds a certain limit, this is to ensure that network resources are available to everybody without significant drops in speed. Also, there are options for ‘Add-ons’, where you can add more plans to already existing ones, say for example a MidNite plan to an existing daily plan. In such cases, you can control your daily and nightly data usage as it suits your purpose.

Plan  Validity Prices Subscription Code
UnlimitedLite 35 GB monthly FUP at up to 8Mbps 30 Days ₦10,000 GTBank USSD *737#
UBA USSD *919*23#
UnlimitedEssential 70 GB monthly FUP at up to 8Mbps ₦15,000
Freedom 3Mbps 180GB monthly FUP at up to 3Mbps ₦20,000
Freedom Anytime Booster (3Mbps) Add onto Freedom 3Mbps with NO FUP ₦6,000
Freedom Night Booster (3Mbps) Add onto Freedom 3Mbps plan from Midnight to 6AM ₦2,000
Freedom 6Mbps 300GB monthly FUP at up to 6Mbps ₦24,000
Freedom Anytime Booster (6Mbps) Add onto Freedom 6 Mbps with NO FUP ₦6,000
Freedom Night Booster (6Mbps) Add onto Freedom 6 Mbps from Midnight to 6 AM ₦2,000
Freedom BestEffort NO daily FUP with 1TB monthly FUP at up to 21Mbps ₦36,000


Other Smile Network Nigeria Data Plans

There are other plans not included in the daily, weekly, or monthly plan. The validity period is in days. So for those who might have a busy schedule slated for a specific number of days or months, one of these plans might come in handy within the period of the project.

Plan Validity Prices Subscription Code
90GB Jumbo 60 Days ₦20,000 GTBank USSD *737#
UBA USSD *919*23#
160GB Jumbo 90 Days ₦34,000
200GB Jumbo 120 Days ₦40,000


Origin of Smile Network Nigeria

Smile Telecoms Holdings Limited (Smile Group) was founded in 2007, with its head office in England. It owns and operates 4G LTE mobile broadband networks in the 800MHz band. It has a presence in four African countries – Nigeria, Tanzania, Uganda, and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Smile launched the first 4G LTE network in West Africa in Nigeria in 2014, with head office at 39C Ahmed Onibudo Street, Off Adeola Hopewell, Victoria Island, Lagos. Its SuperFast 4G LTE internet and voice services are available in Lagos, Port Harcourt, Ibadan, Abuja, Benin City, Kaduna, Onitsha, and Asaba. There are plans to extend to other states as time goes on.

Frequently Asked Questions About Smile Network Nigeria Data Plans and Prices

1. What States Does Smile Operate In Nigeria?

For now, Smile Network is available only in Lagos, Port Harcourt, Ibadan, Abuja, Benin City, Kaduna, Onitsha, and Asaba. There are plans on the ground to extend their services to other states.

2. How Do I Check My Smile Data Balance?

To check your Smile data balance, simply send “Y” from SmileVoice to 343 (FREE) or log into MySmile to view the data balance.

3. Is There An Option For Rollovers?

Yes, but there are conditions for this to happen. To roll over unused data, a customer is required to buy the same data plan or upgrade their data plan to a higher-value data plan for the unused data to roll over.

4. What Payment Options Are Available?

There are various recharge options available. Apart from the USSD codes, you can recharge online via XpressRecharge, the MySmile App (iOS or Android), and the MySmile Portal, where payment can be made using pay with Verve, VISA, or MasterCard.

Internet banking options for recharge includes Access Bank internet banking, Ecobank internet banking, FCMB internet banking, First Bank internet banking, GTBank internet banking, PayInstantly, Paga online payment, Quickteller online payment, UnifiedPayment online payment, and JumiaPay.

For mobile apps, you can use the Diamond Bank Mobile App, First Bank Mobile App, PocketMoni App, GTBank Mobile App, or GT World App (go to “Payments” on the App to recharge), Payarena Mobile App, Flutterwave Mobile App, and Quickteller Mobile App.


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