So What’s Beautiful About The Ancient San People In This Jet Age?

In a time when everything is so digitized, times of private jets, microwaves and the internet, it is strangely beautiful how a group of people in this modern dispensation have survived without the simple machines that we use to make life somewhat easier. You can call them crude but the truth is that they have more value for themselves and their belief system, more than the average people in developed societies who constantly battle with series of insecurities and lose faith over the slightest technological failure.

These are a different kind of people who have core and unadulterated beliefs about life – who they are and what they are living for. History has it that they have existed for over 20,000 years, and till this day, they still uphold their cultural traits and values. They are typical nomadic people- hunters and gatherers – residing all over the basins of the Kalahari desert.

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If you’ve ever heard of the “Bushmen culture”, then you have a very near idea of the San people; they have one of the world’s oldest cultures. Though currently in a reduced population, the San people and their “bushmen culture”, still exist. San descendants are found in Southern Africa – Botswana, Zambia, Namibia, Angola, Zimbabwe and South Africa with an estimated population of 90,000 people. Their most significant habitat the Kalahari- is probably more famous than you know as they have served as the location for Hollywood supernova movies – Gods Must Be Crazy and Lion King. Did you know that the Kalahari is the only desert in Africa that favors a level of “green” vegetation?

It might interest you to know that the San People are the ones who have made some anthropological and genealogical researches about man and the universe possible. What beats our imagination is how content they are with themselves and the desert life; more mysterious is how they have spent ages in the desert and are super-sustained.

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You know what they say about beauty being subjective, it totally applies here; and no matter how much the government mandates modernization for all, most Sam dwellers still retain quite a chunk of their originality. For being who they are and not depending on anyone’s certification or ‘tips’ on how to be, The San people I dare to say are happily beautiful people.









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