So What’s Fun About Morocco?

African Tourism is not just about safaris, there has been quite a lot of interesting things to explore in the continent at the moment. Morocco for one will make your jaw drop at the stunning amazement of her tourist endowments. If you’ve been to Morocco and particularly explored her major cosmopolitan spots in Marrakesh and Casablanca, you’ll totally agree that Morocco is a naturally inspirational destination. In all of the rising and dropping of insecurities around the world, be best and rest assured that this famously noted nation is one of the world’s politically stable places that you can ever visit.

Morocco, located in north-west Africa is a multi-cultural haven with so much in stock for her tourists. One minute you feel you are in Europe, next you are sure you feel the Sahara, and then it all looks like you just got transported to the Middle East, such are the wonders of Morocco. Morocco is a beautifully diverse place in terms of environment, culture, civilization and everything else; in one word, Morocco is adventure.

Did you know that education is Morocco is free? I bet you didn’t, so get ready to mingle with a bunch of vibrant and cultured enthusiasts. Besides that, Morocco is a top game player in African economy; all thanks to phosphate mineral mining, agriculture and of course, tourism. Moroccan tourism is hinged on their legendary history, colorful culture and taste bud sharpening cuisine. Moroccans have a Roman and Islamic heritage; they have also greatly acclimatized with people from all over the world.

In Morocco you can be sure of very plenty ways to fully spend and enjoy your time. These are just the few ways to explore the Kingdom of Morocco, and having fun while at it:

1. The Beaches


The Moroccan beaches are nature’s priceless gift to mankind for express well-being. On their shores you are guaranteed a variety of activities- surfing, sun tanning, enjoying the ramble on a donkey/horse back. This might just be the perfect spot for your aerobics too.

2. The Desert


Ever wondered what could be fun in a desert? Here’s your answer- you can have a swell time quad biking, sand-boarding or donkey riding. A marathon across the desert will be a one of a kind fun experience.

3. The Souk

Souk, in Marrakesh, Morocco

Welcome to Morocco’s open air market- the souk, a popular commercial spot to witness the beauty of the arts and craft of the Moroccan people. Whether window shopping, sight-seeing or actually with the intention of buying stuff, you sure will have a delightful time.

4. The Luxury Resorts


Casablanca is the place to be; there you will find assorted and super-exotic resorts you never thought existed. Nature meets technology and fantasies automatically come to life.

5. Technology


Morocco is a country that is definitely not lagging behind in technological advancements. Technopolis Park is conspicuously located at the nation’s capital; it is a technological city of international standards, expected to expand in quite a while. Morocco is technologically up to date.