Somali Troops Put An End To The Lido Beach Attack

On Thursday there was an attack on one of Somalia’s spot of relaxation on Mogadishu’s beautiful white sand beach, the Lido beach. The Lido beach area is a place for recreation for both civilians and government officials. The hotels and diners around this beach are usually flocked with both locals and foreigners.

The attack began when there was a bomb explosion followed by intense gunfire around the area which has a number of cafes, restaurants, and more leisure spots. There was no claim on this attack initially but militant Islamic group, Al-shabbab later accepted the claim. This wouldn’t be the first time Al-Qaeda linked Al-Shabab has attacked Somalia. Last week, the Islamic militants attacked an African Union military base in southern Somalia. This saw the death of quite a number of Kenyan troops.

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The attackers are believed to have come on the scene from the Lido beach, from where they started firing at the shops and leisure corners particularly the Beach View restaurant. Witnesses claimed they heard shouts of “Allahu akbar” meaning “God is great” in Arabic from the attackers, they also believed the car from which the bombs exploded twice were parked just in front of the restaurant.

The siege, described as ‘barbaric’ by the Somali Prime Minister Omar Abdirashid Ali Sharmarke has been put to an end today by the Somali forces. The captain of the troop, Mohammed Hussein reported that more than 20 were killed including the Somali ambassador to Switzerland, Yusuf Baribari.

Many citizens who were trapped in the Beach View restaurant were also rescued by the Somali forces. Also the Somali troops spent a considerably 8 hours trying to trap down the perpetrators who were hiding in the restaurant. The Somali authorities have also claimed that the leader of the group has been captured.

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