Somalian Refugees Begin Leaving Before World’s Biggest Refugee Camp Closes

When Kenya announced the closure of what is regarded as the world’s biggest refugee camp (the Dadaab refugee camp) in May, the announcement was received as a controversial bit of news.

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It has been 25 years since the camp was opened and at last count, it was home to 330,000 people.

Today, more than 600 Somali refugees are believed to be boarding buses provided by the UN’s refugee agency, the UNHCR as they are being repatriated from Kenya. They will be taken to the Kenya-Somalia border.

World's Biggest Refugee Camp

The Somali refugees that are being repatriated today are barely a representative fraction of what lies ahead should the world’s biggest refugee camp indeed close down.

Some of the migrants will have to find their way back to whatever is left of their homes, while others will probably find another country to migrate to.

Meanwhile, US presidential hopeful Donald Trump has linked Somali immigration into the United States with terrorism. He was speaking at a rally in the state of Maine, where there is a Somali community. He listed examples of migrants who have come to the US to allegedly commit terror attacks.

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As he spoke in his regular, hearty tone, he listed examples of migrants who have come to the US to allegedly commit terror attacks and also spoke about Somalis in general.

He said;

“We’ve just seen many, many crimes getting worse all the time, and as Maine knows – a major destination for Somali refugees – right, am I right? Well, they’re all talking about it. Maine. Somali refugees.”

World's Biggest Refugee Camp

“We admit hundreds of thousands — you admit, into Maine, and to other places in the United States — hundreds of thousands of refugees.”

“And they’re coming from among the most dangerous territories and countries anywhere in the world.”

He then called for migration from these places to stop, repeating the call he made when he accepted the nomination as the Republican party’s presidential candidate.