Inside Sonya Curry’s Career Pursuits, Marriage to Dell and Raising Superstar Children

It is an established fact that sports stardom can be passed down from father to son(s), and the statement couldn’t be truer when you consider the legacy of the Curry Family. Their collective contribution to the sports world is second to none, no wonder they are being referred to as the “First Family” of the National Basketball Association (NBA). Sonya Curry has grown to be known globally following her amazing effort in raising three professional athletes that have carved a niche for their family in the sports world.

She is publicly recognized as the spouse of former professional basketball player Dell Curry who was the Charlotte Hornets’ all-time leader. Before her fame as the mother of professional athletes, Curry also made a name for herself in the game of volleyball while in high school as well as in college. She clinched a few Championships during that time. The proud mother of three is now a celebrated media personality as a result of her children’s success in basketball and volleyball games as they have followed in her footsteps and that of her husband as well. Get the details on Curry’s career pursuits, marriage to Dell, and raising superstar children.

Sonya Curry Put Her Elementary Education Degree To Use By Founding A School

The former volleyball player made the best use of her degree in elementary education by collaborating with her husband, Dell, to found the Christian Montessori School of Lake Norman situated in Huntersville, North Carolina. The school (a charitable institution) which is a private and non-profit Christian Montessori academic institution opened its doors in 1995 and focuses on following Christ while achieving both spiritual and academic development. It is accessible to any child irrespective of race, nationality, or color. The age specification for getting admitted to the school is between 15 months to 6 years.

The organization of the school underwent changes in early 2004 and presently, it is a member of the American Montessori Society with approval from the North Carolina Department of Non-Public Instruction. The school is known to encourage creativity and independence of children who have the enthusiasm for learning. Sonya Curry who currently serves as the president of the institution of learning obviously believes in the school as her own children benefited from it.

Her Sons’ Career Achievements made Her A Favorite Shot For Basketball Television Producers

From the time her first son, Stephen Curry, played college basketball with Davidson during the 2008 NCAA Tournament, Sonya Curry became a favorite shot for college basketball TV producers. Even when her second son, Seth Curry, started playing college ball with Duke, Sonya’s celebration of his three-point field goal recorded in February 2013 against North Carolina had the mother of three trending on Twitter. She remained popular on the Internet at the time of the Blue Devils’ run in the 2013 NCAA Tournament.

Oftentimes, the former volleyball player gets camera time in the audience of Golden State games, she has always been described as ‘royalty’. Curry is often interviewed on how she raised professional athletes, including Stephen Curry – the two-time NBA Most Valuable Player. The mother of three shares how the family has been successful over time, including how they have dealt with their children’s success in the NBA.

She Met Dell Curry At Virginia Tech University

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It goes without saying the Sonya Curry met her significant other at Virginia Tech University as both are alums of the academic institution. However, they didn’t get to know each other until Dell was invited by his wife’s coach to one of her matches.

The duo noticed each other while the game was going on and it progressed from there. Not being the type to let the grass grow under his feet, Dell asked Sonya out at the end of the game, and before long, they were going steady. Their dalliance endured throughout college and beyond.

The Couple Exchanged The Forever Commitment In 1988

Sonya and her long time boyfriend, Dell Curry, made the move to take their relationship to the ultimate conclusion of marriage on the 28th of August 1988 when they exchanged marriage vows. They welcomed their first son, Stephen Curry, that same year even before they tied the knot in March 1988.

To the former volleyball player, it was not easy to be the spouse of an NBA star as they had to move severally. Even when they were still courting, the Virginian native was always by her partner’s side accompanying the star player to all his games. After their nuptials, the young family often traveled from Cleveland to Utah for Dell’s games

Sonya Curry’s life continued in that vein until the birth of her second son Seth in 1990; this made her to finally settle down to focus on the home front – being a homemaker and raising her children. Their daughter, Sydel Curry eventually joined the family in 1994.

The elegant mother of three is also a grandmother of four adorable kids. Stephen Curry and his wife, Ayesha Curry have welcomed three children namely Riley, Ryan, and Canon Curry while Sonya Curry’s second son, Seth shares a daughter, Carter Curry with his fiancée, Callie Rivers.

Sonya Curry has Successfully Raised Three Superstars In The Sports Industry 

Sonya Curry
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Being part of the sports industry herself, the mother of three instilled the spirit of sportsmanship into her children, and today, she has nurtured two NBA stars as well as a state-level volleyball champion. According to the Virginian native, helping her children to become sportsmen and woman was an achievement in itself.

Her experience made it possible for her to become the first coach for her children as she started tutoring them early. Sonya assisted her kids in getting their basics correct which helpful later on in their respective careers.

At a point in Stephen’s career life, it was his mom who encouraged him to focus on his basics at a time when he was having issues in getting qualified for the NBA team, Golden State Warriors. Thanks to her wise advice, Stephen bounced back and eventually got selected for the team – Seth also benefited from her experience. In fact, Sonya is a super mom in her own right and is now enjoying her grandparenthood. The couple have mastered cheering for their sons but found it difficult when they came against each other in an NBA Conference Finals in 2019.

Stephen Curry

Sonya Curry
Stephen Curry image source

Her first son, Stephen Curry is the starting point guard for the Golden State Warriors. He is a six-time National Basketball All-star and a 2-time NBA Most Valuable Player. He has claimed three NBA Championships with his club.

Seth Curry

Sonya Curry
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Seth Curry, on the other hand, is the shooting guard/point guard for Portland Trail Blazers of the National Basket Association. Seth has played for many NBA clubs including the Dallas Mavericks where he had his finest NBA Season, achieving an average of 12.8 points in 29 minutes per game. He was named the Development League All-star for two consecutive times.

Sydel Curry

Sonya Curry
Sydel Curry image source

Curry’s only daughter, Sydel Curry is following the footsteps of her mother as she has played college volleyball while at Elon University. She is presently married to a professional basketball player, Damion Lee.

Here Is What We Know About Sonya Curry’s Early Life

Sonya Curry was born on the 30th of May 1966 in Radford, Virginia, the United States. She is of a mixed ethnicity (African-American, Haitian, and Creole). The gorgeous mother of three was born to Cleive Ester Adams and Candy Adams. Sonya’s parents also had two other children named India and Cleive Adams.

Curry graduated from Radford High School and while there, she was a skillful athlete, playing as part of her school’s volleyball team during her eighth grade. She helped her team to claim two State Championships during her senior year, having played a pivotal defensive role. The Virginian native also participated in track and field events as she represented her school at the state level in sprint relays and 400-meter hurdles.

Sonya Curry continued with her smashing records while at the university, having attended Virginia Tech University where she became a stand out volleyball player. She helped her team to achieve a record win of 69 – 70 along with achieving the sixth-most highest tally of 57 aces in a season. Following her sensational performance, Curry was added to the Virginia Tech All-Metro team and she also earned the Virginia defensive player of the year. Stephen Curry’s mom graduated from the university with a degree in Elementary Education.


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