How Sophia Miacova Leveraged Instagram on Her Rise to Fame and Other Facts About The Model

To some, Instagram is nothing but a place to share photographic highlights of their day and life. For others, it is a means to finally live their dreams. Sophia Miacova firmly belongs in the latter category, leveraging the platform’s broad reach to build a brand and following that has made her famous.

Like many like Sophia, she used her innate skills and qualities to attract attention, eventually leveraging them on causes and projects she believes in. Now in her mid-20s, her journey started in her teenage years, on an extinct social media platform, Vine.

Popularity on Vine Helped Sophia Miacova Build a Following on Instagram

When she was 19, Sophia and her then-partner, Rory Westfield, whom she met on Facebook, began uploading skits on the short-form video platform, Vine. Their skits grew popular, and so did Sophia. By June 2015, their account had amassed more than 800,000 followers.

Intrigued by her beauty and charm, Sophia Miacova built a cross-platform link between Vine and Instagram by linking her account on the latter to the former. While she displayed her hilarious side on Vine, she took up a modeling persona on Instagram.

As their following grew on Vine, she raked in fans and followers on Instagram, who came for the laughs and stayed for her beauty. From bikini shoots to fashion pieces, Sophia positioned herself as the versatile model, eventually attracting interest from brands and modeling agencies. She is currently represented by Next Model Management.

And while her Vine days are now well behind her following the platform’s demise, she is still a popular figure on the photo-sharing platform. She has more than 2.9 million followers and has worked with brands like Ricki Brazil, San Lorenzo Bikinis, and more.

Although she is not an actress and has not signaled an intention to become one, Sophia’s fame has also helped her secure a couple of film credits. She appeared in an episode of Nuclear Family as an unnamed girl in 2016 and PillowFightNike in the video game, Smith.

She is Now a Vegan Lifestyle Guru and an Environmentalist

Her embrace of environmentalism and veganism might feel like a swift change to those who have been following Sophia from the beginning. But for the celeb, it is not. It is an evolution of a belief and concern that has existed since her childhood years.

Growing up, she watched videos of farmed animals and studied the effect of mass production of animals on our planet. This conviction informed her decision to promote a vegan lifestyle. With YouTube as her primary tool, Sophia Esperanza publishes recipes of vegan meals and gives lifestyle advice.

Since she created her channel in 2015 and her content has resonated with a lot of users. She has more than 292 thousand subscribers and over 10.7 million views. While vegan lifestyle videos dominate the channel, she also shares insight into her life in vlogs and workout videos.

In addition to promoting a vegan lifestyle, she is also an environmentalist. Sophia is an ambassador of the One Movement, a nonprofit company with a mission to remove plastics and toxic waste from the oceans.

Sophia Miacova has Mexican and French Blood in Her Veins

Fans of the Instagram model are always anxious to learn more about her, and her family is still a subject of intrigue. Unfortunately, in her years of being in the spotlight, Sophia Miacova has shared little insight into her familial life.

One of the things we know is her ethnic origin. Born on January 2, 1994, in Houston, Texas, her father is Mexican while her mother is of French heritage. Her heritage might explain her other identity, Sophia Esperanza, which many presume to be her real name. Her father immigrated to the US before she was born, and we do not know if she has any siblings.

Before Vine and Instagram, Sophia Wanted to Be a Dermatologist

Long before she rose to fame on social media, Sophia Miacova had dreams of becoming a dermatologist. We are not sure what inspired her interest in the profession, but it does reveal an early interest in looking good, explaining her pivot to modeling.

Considering her journey to fame began in her late teens, we know Sophia at least completed high school before she shuttered the dream for other ventures. Still, with a growing YouTube channel where she shares advice on eating well, staying fit, and maintaining good look, one cannot say she has strayed entirely off the path.

Evidence Suggests Sophia Miacova is a Single Woman

Sophia Miacova is currently assumed single. It is quite uncertain if she moved on from her past relationships because she is yet to reveal if she is in another relationship. However, she once dated a business tycoon, Eli Wehbe. He is a Los Angeles-based businessman who owns a clothing company, Pink Dolphin. He also has investments in the restaurant industry.

Sophia Miacova
Sophia with then-boyfriend, Eli Wehbe: image source

The two began their relationship after exchanging a few private messages on Instagram. While what they shared lasted, Sophia and Eli regularly displayed affection for one another. They appeared on red carpets together and were once mainstays on each other’s Instagram pages. Sadly, what they thought would last forever became a thorn in the flesh. So, they called it quits after a few years of dating.

Before Eli Wehbe, as mentioned above, she dated Rory Westfield. Like her relationship with Eli, they had a public affair. They helped each other grow, notably sparking the model’s rise on Vine and Instagram. The how and when of their eventual break up remains unknown.

YouTube and Instagram Has Earned Sophia Miacova a Substantial Net Worth

With overwhelming followership on social media, Sophia Miacova is yet to disclose the details of her total financial worth. However, a scroll through her Instagram page and an analysis of her YouTube channel sheds some light on her financial status.

The most insightful is her YouTube channel, which, according to SocialBlade, makes her between $521 and $8.3 thousand a year from ad revenue. Her videos, of which she has uploaded over 30 of them, receive an average of 5,700 views a day. Depending on her viewers’ interaction with ad content on her page, she makes between $1 and $23 daily.

It is not a lot of money, but it a decent side income for her modeling career. According to various online reports and her IG page, the latter has fetched her several brand partnerships and gigs. It has allowed Sophia to travel the world and visit exotic locations and live a visibly comfortable life.

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