Who Is Sophie Mudd, How Did She Become Famous and Who Is Her Boyfriend?

Sophie Mudd is an American model and social media sensation who became famous for sharing sultry images of herself on social media platforms including Twitter and Instagram where she has gained close to two million followers. Although it is thanks to social media that she has come to be known, the young beauty has come to establish a career as a fashion model. Even with the fame, she has built and the followership she now enjoys, there is not so much about her personal life that is available on the public domain, however, we’ve dug up some basic information about her background.

The Model Was Born and Raised In LA

Sophie Mudd was born on the 27th of July 1998 in Los Angeles California, the United States where she was also raised. She hails from a family of four although her parents’ names are not publicly available, it has come to light that she has a brother named Nicholas Mudd. Despite the paucity of information about her parents, there is no doubt that she loves them very much. Mudd doesn’t just use her social media handles to share hot photos, but also to celebrate her parents.

She regularly posts tributes to them on special occasions. For instance, during father’s day celebrations, she thanks her dad for helping her become the young lady she is today. Similarly, on one mother’s day, she described her mom as her best friend and thanked her for tolerating all of her childish antics.

The gorgeous Ms. Mudd has not revealed much information about her early childhood but it is known that she got her education from Campbell Hall School alongside her brother. While there, she was said to have excelled in sports but as it would later turn out, she chose not to pursue that side of her as a career.

She Gained Fame In A Way Previously Considered Unconventional

Before now, models gained fame through modeling agencies and other rigorous means. However, much has changed for millennials who can start their modeling careers by simply sharing pictures on social media and amassing followers.

That is the manner in which Sophie Mudd gained fame and started her career. She first gained popularity on Snapchat before taking to Instagram where she became a sensation thanks to her penchant for posting steamy photos of herself. These photos quickly went viral due to her curvy physique. They garnered hundreds of thousands of likes and led to many people following her in order to keep up with her posts.

Mudd’s posts are not restricted to just photos. She also shares eye-catching images of herself either alone or partying up with friends. It must be noted that Mudd’s popularity is not just due to her scantily-clad pictures. She also has a cheeky personality that flows through during her live chats with her followers. Much earlier in her career, the brunette was described as the next “Emily Ratajkowski”, Emily is an American model and actress who started modeling at the age of 14 before going on to model for big brands and covering for big magazines.

Sophie Mudd has been dubbed the next Instagram star. Her meteoric rise has also been profiled by news publications such as The Sun Newspapers, FHM Magazine, and Inquistr. Mudd is definitely one star to watch out for.

Sophie Mudd Has Been In A Long Term Relationship With Austin Dash


When you are as stunning and as gorgeous as Sophie Mudd, people will always wonder about the guy (or even girl) who was lucky enough to snag you. For Mudd, the lucky one to have won her heart is a certain Austin Dash.

Dash is also a popular Instagram star and model, he was born on 11, 1990, to controversial actress, Stacey Dash, and singer Christopher Williams. Mudd and Dash have not disclosed the exact timeline of their relationship. However, it is speculated that they started dating around February 2017. The couple reportedly met during a promotional tour for singer Anderson Paak.

Mudd and her beau regularly use their social media handles to post lovely photos of themselves while gushing about each other in the caption section. Mudd never forgets to send shout outs to Dash on his birthday. She celebrated him on national boyfriend day and thanked him for making her the happiest girl in the world.

Dash is also not slacking in this online declaration of love. During Mudd’s birthday in 2018, he put together a lovely video montage of their relationship and shared it on his Instagram account. In 2020, their fans immediately noticed they had not shared photos of each other in a long time, raising concerns over the status of their relationship. As of this writing, neither lovers is yet to comment on this development.

Before Dash, Sophie dated billionaire heir and a great-grandson of hotel magnate Conrad Hilton, Conard Hughes Hilton Jr who is also the younger brother of Paris Hilton. Unfortunately, their relationship was rather short-lived. On his part, Dash was previously in 2016 involved with a mystery lady.

The Not-so-Tall Model Has A Voluptuous Figure

Just as it is with other models, Sophie Mudd has the beauty and grace that has come to help her succeed in her modeling career. She is blessed with a busty physique that she proudly displays in topless photos as well as sheer bras. All these keep fans coming back for more.

Mudd is not the tallest of models as she stands at a height of only 5 feet 5 inches tall (1.65 m), she has a bodyweight of 58 kg (128 lbs). Her chest size is 38 inches (97 cm), her waist size 25 inches (64 cm), and hip size 36 inches (91 cm).

The blonde-haired and brown-eyed model’s most outstanding bodily feature is definitely her ample bust which measures 32DDD; Nope! She did not go under the knife to get them, they are completely natural. The model has been able to maintain her great physique through constant exercising among other activities.

She Has A Net Worth That Compliments Her Fame

Sophie Mudd is decently famous, but more than that, she has also accumulated a generous fortune for herself. Inasmuch as her career is still in its early stages, she has a net worth estimated at $250,000 to show for all the hard work. Her source of wealth is ostensibly product endorsement on her social media platforms, something that has become a common way for Instagram stars to make money. They can either wear it, talk about it briefly or just have it in the background of their pictures and videos.

It is no coincidence that her numerous endorsements have come as a result of her growing online presence. Her followership grew from 300,000 to 1.2 million in just a matter of months.

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