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Dropping out of school to chase her dreams, Sorcha Groundsell has been apt with her roles on set. She is quite young but age has never limited her in any of her adult roles. The inception of her acting career spurred a hidden personality in her. She has become more confident and has created a balanced social life away from her former self that was shy and reserved. Of a truth, there are no many pieces of information regarding this star actress on records, however, like always, nothing can ever be truly and completely hidden for too long. Enjoy the ride with us as we tell you all you need to know about the Netflix star actress.

Sorcha Groundsell – Biography

The actress was born on the 15th of February 1998 in the Isle of Lewis, United Kingdom. Her parents’ names are currently unknown, however, she doesn’t pass up any chance to rain praises on them for their moral support and love. There is little information regarding her formative years and whether or not she has siblings.

Before taking the drastic decision to drop out of school, Sorcha Groundsell was a student at Gaelic School. When she made her intents known to her parents, they did not support her decisions but later on moved past it and gave her all the encouragement she needed. She went to London with the full intent of pursuing her acting career at the age of 18.

Without a certificate, starting off her acting career was quite tasky. She struggled a lot and passed through several difficulties, failing in and out of auditions before she later bagged an acting role in 2014. Sorcha’s first acting role was in the movie The Scribbler (2014) where she played the role of Anna. The following year, she starred as one of the cast for the Indie film, Iona. She subsequently appeared on BBC drama series; Clique (2017). In 2018, she appeared in the movie that later became launchpad to fame The Innocents. 

Sorcha Groundsell has publicly stated how her role in the series has rubbed off on her real life and has helped her gain confidence in and out. She outrightly said that prior to that role, she finds it difficult to voice out her opinions but that is no longer the case.

5 Interesting Facts You Need To Know 

Her Path has Never Been Easy

Just like she struggled with bagging a role after leaving school, the actress found it difficult to cement her place in the series, The Innocents. Sources say that it was after several months of auditioning for the role that she was later considered. Sorcha Groundsell literally gave up on the role but got all ignited with that call!

Social Media

It is no surprise that a teen like Sorcha Groundsell would get enchanted with the spells of social media. She is very active on several social media platforms and has done a lot of uploads with her cast, friends, and family. The actress often times uses the platform to express her view of things to the world.

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She Is A Die-Hard Fan Of Hillary Clinton

During the political campaigns between Hillary Clinton and the now president of the United States of America Donald Trump, the actress on several platforms gave her ultimate support to Hillary. She also criticized Trump in most of her statements that period.

She Has A Great Fashion Sense

Maybe being in the media has enlighted the actress on many things about fashion or she has been naturally endowed with the sense of fashion. Most of her outfits on red carpet gatherings have proven that her stylist is quite good at what she does. Her cornflower blue eyes and clear face gives most of her dressings a perfect touch. She has gone ahead to wear designers like Gucci, Channel and the rest of them. More so, stylist Aimee Croysdill has exposed her to brands like Issa Arfen, Shrimps and Stine Goya.

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Net Worth 

The young star has only begun her career, nevertheless, that hasn’t put a halt to the hundreds of dollars she has acquired with her few roles. As of the day this article was penned down, her net worth is pegged at $500,000, but is expected to see significant increase in the coming years as she takes on more roles and her fame increases.

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