Sorisha Naidoo Before And After Skin Bleaching Compared To Her Sister

Sorisha Naidoo is a South African businesswoman who doubles as a Disc Jockey and reality TV star/ actress. She won the title of Miss India South Africa in 2002 and also emerged among the top 10 finalists of the Miss India World beauty pageant. The now 47-year-old former beauty queen has also appeared on the Real Housewives of Durban reality TV show and is married to one of Durban’s wealthiest businessmen, Vivian Reddy. They have two children together, a son, Sahil, and a daughter, Kalina.

The couple also has 4 other children from Reddy’s previous marriage with his ex-wife, Mogi. Sorisha is popularly known for her roles in quite a number of TV, as well as radio shows, this could not be unrelated to the fact that she graduated from Rhodes University, with a degree in Journalism. Beyond her obvious talent in front of the camera, one spectacular thing about Sorisha is the skin-lightening transformation we have witnessed on her over the past few years. A number of reasons pushed her to the act but according to Sorisha, she now knows better.

Sorisha Naidoo’s Skin Lightening Journey

Even her childhood photographs show that she has always been dark-skinned but in more recent times, we have seen her skin tone transform into lighter shades, owing to the fact that she started experimenting with skin lightening products. Some sources have it that she had tried skin lightening products for about 16 years and even lost her skin in the process.

Sorisha confessed that she was using products that contain Retinol, as well as doing lots of light peels. In 2010, she endorsed a skin lightening product known as “Pure Perfect” but got lots of negative reviews over time as some of the users came up with complaints about skin problems ranging from scarring to bruises and even burns. Sorisha talked about how her skin got so damaged at some point that it started losing its ability to make pigments.

Self-doubt And Low Self Esteem Led Her Into Skin Bleaching

In a discussion about why she decided to bleach her skin, Sorisha mentioned self-doubt and low esteem as some of her reasons for deciding to bleach her skin. Coming from a community that sees fair skin as a sign of high social class, she got her fair share of backlash concerning her dark skin color.

At the age of 25, having received lots of criticism from the Indian community for being a dark-skinned beauty queen, Sorisha believed she lost the crown of Miss India World because she didn’t have fair skin, this led to a series of embarrassing moments and self-esteem issues for her and with all the insecurities concerning her looks, she opted for the dangerous path of skin lightening at all costs. She had to indulge in a number of harmful chemicals which led to a series of skin-damaging conditions, she once mentioned in an interview that her skin was paper-thin at some point and she subsequently developed some unpleasant skin conditions.

This was the turning point for her and with the help of her plastic surgeon, she was able to find a solution to the problem. Sorisha says she regrets the whole bleaching process and prefers how she looked before the skin lightening procedures began. She now sees the desire to be light-skinned as an ancient ideology and speaks about it as something that is linked to India’s caste system. She has now stopped using skin-lightening products and procedures and is happy about her life. She has a loving husband who loves and supports her despite her skin color and that’s what truly matters, she says she no longer cares about people’s opinions about her. She currently owns an Aesthetic Clinic that was launched in 2012.

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Sorisha’s Sister Jailoshini Naidoo Is Also Into Entertainment

Sorisha is known to have two sisters, one of whom is Jailoshini and a brother. Jailoshini is also an award-winning South African entertainer, TV and radio personality. Owing to her Indian background and discouragement from family, she has had to fight her way through the entertainment industry, and with perseverance, she has managed to achieve success in her career. With a net worth of about $1.5 million and a host of awards tied to her name, one can say she is doing quite well for herself.

Jailoshini has a degree in pediatrics from the University of Durban, with majors in Drama, English, and Education. Before she got into acting, she had been lecturing at The University of Durban. Besides acting, she also does voiceovers for both TV and radio commercials, as
well as teaching, and television presenting. She has also managed to keep a lot about herself away from social media, as such, the year she was born is not known, but April 16th is when she celebrates her birthday so we only get to guess or estimate her age.

Another vital piece of information about her that is kept far from the public eye is who she is married to. Although there have been speculations that she is married to Koobeshen Naidoo because they both have the same surname and have also acted as a married couple in “Imbewu”. Sources however have it that they are not married to each other and revealed that Koobeshen has been married to one Kumseela for about thirty years and their union is been blessed with three children.

Both Jailoshini and Koobeshen however studied drama together at the University of Durban
and have never ceased to amuse us with their wonderful acting skills together. Our sources also maintained that the identity of Jailoshini’s husband still remains a mystery as no one knows who he is or if she is even married or not.

Compared To Her Sister, Jailoshini Still Has Slightly Dark Skin

The relationship between the two popular sisters could be regarded as cordial, considering how they complement each other even on their social media handles. Jailoshini, compared to her sister Sorisha, still has slightly dark skin. She obviously has not tried to enhance her skin color like her sister, and even if she has, she probably did not take measures as drastic as the ones Sorisha did.

Sometime in 2011, there was a publication about Sorisha’s beauty product, “Pure Perfect” where she mentioned that none of her relations used the skin lightening product. Not even her husband or children and she loves them the way they are.

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