South African Election Ad Angers Mandela’s Family

The family of late South African President and beloved leader, Nelson Mandela have reacted angrily to a new South African election Ad.

The contents of the South African election ad which triggered the negative reaction featured the former South African leader’s voice used in support of the country’s main opposition.

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The advert which was posted on YouTube has a young woman in a polling booth considering casting her vote for the governing ANC.

Nelson Mandela’s voice is heard calling for justice, peace, work and bread, and in a record change of heart, she then decides to vote for the Democratic Alliance (DA) instead.

South African election Ad

Chief Mandla Mandela accused the DA of abusing his grandfather’s name, telling the ANN7 news network that; “The DA is doing it to benefit a party which Mandela was not a member of,”.

Mandla Mandela, who is himself a member of parliament for the African National Congress (ANC) furthered that claim with other comments that painted the DA as seeking to “preserve white privilege” and demanded that the ad be withdrawn.

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The DA in turn defended using the voice of the former president, who was a long-standing ANC member, saying “this great man stood for a non-racial South Africa”. The DA spokesperson Refiloe Nt’sekhe also said that;

“The DA is the only party able to take South Africa to the non-racial future it needs. To say that Mandela does not belong to all South Africans is atrocious,”

South Africans will vote next month in what is expected to be a closely contested municipal elections. As the main opposition party, the DA has based its electoral campaign around promises to fight corruption and improve the country’s economic prospects.

It has however faced criticism and backlash from the South African media in recent weeks for what have been dubbed racist remarks made by some of its members.