South Sudan Plane Crash: All Passengers And Crew Survive

A plane crash occurred in South Sudan in the northwestern town of Wau, fortunately, all passengers and crew on board survived the South Sudan plane crash.

“It is miraculous, completely,” said Ateny Wek Ateny, the South Sudanese presidential spokesperson. “There are only minor injuries. There was no single death.”

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The passenger plane which was the Antonov 26 from the South Supreme Airline was making a trip from the capital, Juba to Wau when it crashed.

Stephen Youngule, Wau’s Acting Airport Manager and Deputy Director of Air Traffic Services stated that the plane was in fact landing when it crashed.

“The plane touched down and then jumped up again. The pilot couldn’t control it,” he said adding that he saw it “until the very last moment before the fire engulfed the aircraft.”

The plane’s crash caused the doors to fly open, giving the rescue crew ample time to get everyone out of the plane before it blew up. Although some sustained injuries, they were taken to the hospital in Wau for treatment. The head of the United Nations peacekeeping mission in South Sudan, David Shearer added that the UN had joined the rescue team in evacuating passengers from the plane.

The carrier had local passengers and two foreigners; a Chinese and Eritrean. Forty of the passengers were adults while three were children. Wal Achieng, an official at South Supreme Airlines in Wau said that the fire which engulfed the plane initially made many to believe that there would be no survivors. He further blamed the South Sudan plane crash on the bad weather, saying that the weather was not good.

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South Sudan is currently embroiled in a deep civilian crisis caused by rivalry between President Salva Kiir and former deputy Riek Machar. The eastern African country is also experiencing famine caused by severe drought.

Featured Image:  Xinhua News Agency/REX/Shutterstock