South Sudan Marks Three Years Of War With No End In Sight

South Sudan has now been in the abyss of war for three years, with no possible vision of peace for the world’s “newest” country.

With no end of the ethnic civil war in sight, the region – which gained independence from Sudan in 2011 – can now be classified as a failed state.

“South Sudan’s war continues to escalate and engulf more and more of the country,”Alan Boswell, an independent analyst said.

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The UN has repeatedly warned of the probability of a genocide and ethnic cleansing happening in the eastern African nation but these warnings have fallen on deaf ears.

Both sides of the infighting continue to escalate the conflict by increasing their arms and even to the point of recruiting child soldiers.

Despite the backing of South Sudan’s independence from Sudan in 2011 many former supporters are trying to prevent the conflict from escalating into a full-blown war.

South Sudan Marks Three Years Of War With No End In Sight

“There’s no actual peace process or political plan right now. So there is no framework for the international community to even pressure the parties to stop,” said Boswell.

“The international community has more/ less accepted that (more) fighting is about to break out,” he added.

The Beginning

South Sudan’s woes began in 2013 when the former deputy President, Riek Machar was accused by President Salva Kiir of plotting a coup. Although he denied it, it led to a conflict which consequently escalated.

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A peace deal was brokered between opposition members, Kiir and Machar in 2015. However, when fighting resurged in the capital Juba, between loyalists of Riek Machar and President Salva Kiir, Machar fled the country. He is now exiled in South Africa, although his loyalists continue to launch attacks in south Sudan.

As the rainy season gives way for the dry season, analysts believe the war will escalate.

Boswell also believes that the regional states could stop the fighting but due to their conflicting interests have been unable to.

Over ten thousand have been killed as a result of this conflict. About three million people have also been displaced.