space tourism

In the latest development in space tourism, a company wants to use high-altitude balloons to take passengers to the very edge of space. Before it carries willing human passengers, however, it is going to be taking a KFC fried chicken sandwich to the edge of space.

The company in question, World View Entreprises (a stratospheric exploration company), developed a “Stratollite” that can carry about 100kg into the stratosphere.  A Stratollite is basically a high-altitude balloon which are unmanned balloons, usually filled with helium or hydrogen and rarely methane, that are released into the stratosphere, generally attaining between 18,000 to 37,000 meters.

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With Stratollites though, there is the added innovation of the balloon being adapted to fly a variety of trajectories – from circumnavigating the Earth to persistence over a specific location. World View’s Stratollite will use a solar-powered buoyancy system to control its altitude.

KFC being a sponsor for the company has the first seat which as we pointed out earlier has been given to a sandwich. Although World View’s eventual aim is a Space tourism programme that will see it transporting tourists, it will first carry the KFC “Zinger” sandwich as a marketing stunt on June 21st.

space tourism

World View is taking reservations for the eventual space tourism programme for $75,000 each. The flight with the zinger sandwich will be streamed at a URL which funny enough expands to

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In a statement released on June 13, World View states some of the hopes they have for their Stratollite;

“The Stratollite is spearheading a new market for data collection of our planet, the environment and human activity from a perch at the very edge of space,”

“This next mission will be our first attempt to really push the envelope with a flight designed to test, for the very first time, all the integrated critical systems needed to bring this Stratollite online for commercial markets.”

Space missions and commercial markets are certainly strange bedfellows but KFC and World View seem to be on board to disprove that fact. KFC will be creatively launching its new sandwich and World View has benefitted from the partnership and will still benefit from KFC’s dedicated lifestream of the event.