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YouTube used to be a platform for sharing videos until internet entrepreneurs like SSSniperWolf turned it to a source of income owing to the marmot number of subscribers and following they command with mind-blowing contents. She does not only make money from the internet, she also used the avenue to announce herself to the world and has influenced other people into venturing in her line of business. With millions of followers on her social media handles, Lia is also known as a social media influencer.

Who Is Sssniperwolf? (Age and Ethnicity)

The lady behind the pseudo name SSSnippwerWolf was born Alia “Lia” Shelesh on October 22, 1992, England, UK. She has two younger brothers and a baby sister. The family would relocate to Arizona, the United States where they all grew up. Lia is an American, but she identifies, as Greek-Turkish by ethnicity, little wonder she is so beautiful with a golden voice.

At the tender age of 6, she found herself loving electronic games so much that it became a cause for worry between to her parents and her brother who also loved electronic games. In an attempt to curb the incessant fights between Alia and her brother, her father decided to buy her a Sony PlayStation which finally put an end to the sibling’s rivalries and fight over games.

The attempt her father made to curb the fights turned out to be a career pathway for his daughter. She displayed so much dexterity in video games eventually getting her moniker Sssniperwolf from a game character in one of her favorite gaming series called Metal Gear Solid. When she discovered her expertise in gaming, she decided to take it a bit further to social media to let the world know what she was capable of. Lia was often referred to as being weird when she was growing up, owing to her ability and eagerness to play video games with anyone around and always wanting to win to prove that girls are just as good as men in playing video games.

Sssniperwolf attended a high school where she graduated earlier than her peer one semester short and headed straight to a local college but would not graduate due to incessant bullying from the opposite sex and wanton harassments from rude teachers. She enrolled in another College where she began to study Pharmacy. Owing to her aversion in Chemistry, she could not cope with the course and switched to Nursing but her plight continued until she bowed out to focus on her true calling.

It was not long ago that Lia officially started her YouTube channel on January 2013. She began by uploading her recorded gameplay videos, gained attention stage by stage and she garnered subscribers from thousands to the millions. She then began to add other games like Overwatch, Destiny, Far Cry and Call of Duty to her channel. She can currently boast of a billion and something views.

Sssniperwolfor Lia also opened another account known as LittleLiaWolf where she took up adding entrepreneurial tips and skills. The channel is centered on giving DIY Video tips, addressing crafts and women stuff. It is said to be very educative about home goods, soft toys, and recipes which resonate with a lot of women who find the site interesting. With the well over 90k subscribers the channel commands, it has really announced Lia as an internet celebrity.

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Her Sister

Sssniperwolf or Alia Lia Shelesh whichever you choose to call her comes from a loving family with 3 younger siblings; 2 brothers and a sister. She has a particularly strong bond with her kid sister whom she is eight years older than and has devoted a Youtube Account to. In several of her youtube videos, she does not hesitate to show off her sister to her teaming fans.

Evan Sausage and SSSnippwerWolf aka Alia Lia Shelesh

Sssniperwolf/Alia Lia Shelesh has been in an open relationship with another YouTuber named Evan Sausage. Evan was born on March 28, 1992, in Arizona, United States, where he grew up and currently resides and he belongs to the Caucasian ethnicity.

Their relationship is said to have started from online when Sssniperwolf uploaded a video that Sausage found interesting, he slid into her inbox and sent her a message and they struck up a relationship but eventually met in 2013. They later bought a house in which they lived together and like most other relationships of celebrities, theirs was characterized by a constant off and on.

Sometime in the past, Lia posted videos which she titled We Broke Up, Break Up Update and How We Got Back Together; these series of short videos are believed to be the progress of her relationship with Sausage. Lia’s fans would lash out on her for using her relationship update to garner more viewership and earn more money at will.

Height and Weight

One thing that makes SSSnippwerWolf outstanding and unique from other YouTube celebrities is not just her dexterity in video games, but her beauty and amazing physique that she commands. She has dark brown hair and brown eye standing at a height of 5 ft 4 (1.63 m) with a weight of 54 kilograms.

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