To Those Africans Who Believe They Are Superior Cuz Of Their Skin Tone Or Hair, Sumaya Smiles Has A Word For You

It is no news flash that colorism is rife in the African community, especially in diaspora.

There are those who claim to be somewhat not “fully black” due to a difference in hair texture and/or skin colour. Somali YouTuber, Sumaya Smiles addresses this in one of her videos.

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She sought to put an end to the debate that East Africans, especially Somalis are not African or are somewhat superior to other African races in the diaspora.

Her video was in response to questions asked by her subscribers, that is, whether she was black or just Somali.

She published a video on December 16, ridiculing this casting of “Africanness”.

“When you are filling out forms and things like that, what do you click?” she asks rhetorically. “There’s no Somali option. Black African, Black Caribbean, Black other. You are Black,” the London-based YouTuber said.

She also told her viewers that the thought pattern which states that a Somali is superior to the average African was passed down from previous generations. She recalled an incident which took place when she was younger; a friend told her that although Sumaya was black, she was not “black black”. Sumaya stated that she found her friend’s statement confusing because they both had the same skin tone.

“I’m like, ‘What do I have to do now to be Black now?’” Sumaya Smiles says. “To be honest, I think it starts with us. If we don’t [classify] ourselves as Black, then what do we [classify] ourselves as being?”

She also added that this line of thinking stems from self-hate.

“There is a group of Somali people that feel that they are better than this kind of African. Or this kind of people that have that kind of texture, that have the more kinky hair,” she explains. “They’re stuck in this kind of [mindset] … that the closer you are to looking Arab, the more beautiful you are. What? Where?”

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In conclusion of her video, Sumaya urged all Black people to just come together, because “no one is better than anyone else.”

Watch the full video below: