Standard Bank Contact Details For Calls and Email Address For Complaints

A working response unit is essential for all businesses that have to do with a large customer base. This channel of connecting with the company makes service delivery more accessible and more professional. Standard Bank, the largest bank in South Africa with millions of customers all over the country and beyond, understands the value of proper customer service delivery. As a result, they created various ways through which customers can contact the bank.

Standard Bank employs an experienced customer service delivery system with the best customer relationship ethics. The bank understands that they have the highest expectation of customer service delivery and have provided helplines to meet strict deadlines. In providing answers, Standard Bank also improves its products and services.

Different Channels Of Reaching Standard Bank Customer Care

Standard Bank has provided several means of communicating with the customer service that will get a quick response. These methods give a timely solution and advice to any request from the customer. Some of these channels work round the clock to ensure good service delivery to their customers. The following are different ways of reaching Standard Bank’s customer service:

  • Calls
  • Email
  • Social Media
  • Online

The above channels are answerable during the official working hours.


How To Reach Standard Bank Customer Care Through Calls

Standard Bank has several open numbers for inquiries and complaints, which are made available to customers. These numbers are answerable by the customer care department of the bank. The following are the general numbers for quick responses to customer requests:

  • Banking Services – 0860123000
  • Insurance – 0860123999
  • Fraud – 080020600
  • Business – 0860109075

These lines are open from 8:00 am – 5:30 pm on weekdays and 8:00 am – 4:00 pm on weekends. If there is an emergency request or inquiry, you can dial 0800020500. This line is an open line that works 24/7 daily to offer solutions to customer’s complaints. The available line is mainly helpful after regular working hours for fast and accessible services to clients. Any time that a customer notices any fraudulent activity with your account, dial 0800020600 at any time of the day.

Connecting To Standard Bank Customer Care Through Email

Standard Bank email channels are open and provided for different financial purposes. These separate email addresses help customers contact the bank for their diverse financial inquiries. Therefore, customers need to use the email addresses designed for the particular request or question they wish to tender to the bank. The following are some of the email addresses and their specific purpose:

Customers should go through the above email addresses and copy the ones related to their complaints about a quicker response.

Social Media Channels Of Reaching Standard Bank Customer Care

This means of communication is one of the fastest as it covers a wide range of the target audience. Social media helps a lot in promoting business brands and unifying customers of goods and services. The customer care department of the bank has embraced this channel in gaining direct contact with their clients on complaints and inquiries. The bank makes use of the following platforms; WhatsApp, Facebook, WeChat.

Connecting Through WeChat 

  • Open your WeChat account through the App or online.
  • Click on official accounts from the contact list.
  • Select add account.
  • Search with Standard Bank.
  • Click on Standard Bank instant messaging from the provided options.
  • Begin a conversation.
  • To confirm your identity, you will be required to answer some questions in the USSD session.
  • The platform will direct you to the instant messaging page you choose.
  • Carefully read the terms and conditions and then click on accept.
  • Then you can have access to chat with a customer care agent.

Connecting Through WhatsApp

Standard bank customer service embraced the WhatApp social media platform and added a number to contact the department without any stress. Customers are to connect to this platform through the following:

  • Save this number +27 64 570 0291 on your mobile phone contact list.
  • Open your WhatsApp on your mobile phone.
  • Refresh your Whatsapp contacts.
  • Search for what you saved the above number with, and then you are ready to chat with an agent online.

Connecting Through Facebook Chat

The following means can take you to chat with Standard Bank customer care agent through the Facebook chat:

  • Click on the Link.
  • Follow the page.
  • You will have to go through a confirmation page to verify that you are using this platform.
  • The page will move you to any selected message platform.
  • Carefully read the terms and conditions and affirm them.
  • Then you are there with a customer care agent on your Facebook.

Connecting Through The Use Of Website

The Standard Bank online platform for complaints and inquires is popularly known as the Standard Bank Community. The following process is required to make use of the Standard Bank Community:

  • Click on the link to access the portal.
  • Click on the blue background with the boldly written word Community.
  • Click on talk.
  • Choose the topic that relates to your inquiry.
  • Tap the start conversation button.
  • Input your email address.
  • Fill in your Password.
  • Carefully follow the pop-up instructions to begin your conversation.

How To Officially Lay Complaints To Standard Bank

Standard Bank has ways that enable customers to lay complaints and get quicker and appropriate responses. The following steps are necessary to lay complaints to Standard Bank:

  • Log in to Standard Bank’s official website by clicking on the link.
  • Move down to “compliments or complaints” and tap to log in.
  • Fill in the form correctly, write your complaints and click on the submit.
  • You will get a response from Standard Bank in a short time.

If the above process doesn’t give you the accurate response required, you can move to any branch of the Standard Bank and meet with a customer care agent. You can also make use of the Complaints Resolution Centre through their call channel using the number 0860101101 and with the email address [email protected].


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