StarTimes Nigeria Active Bouquets and Subscription Prices

StarTimes Nigeria is a popular subscription-based television service in Nigeria that is helping to bring entertainment to different homes around the country. Nigerians are very active TV viewers and over the years, they have turned to PayTV to help them get the best out of this pastime, allowing StarTimes to become one of the PayTVs setting the pace.

Just like other PayTVs, StarTimes Nigeria has made available a vast array of so many channels in different bouquets that customers can access based on their individual choices.

StarTimes Nigeria Bouquets are Spread Across Antenna and Dish Services

While setting out to purchase a StarTimes TV for yourself, realize that the bouquets available on the TV service are spread across two subscription plans or services; the Antenna and Dish plans.

For the Antenna service, the media company has made available three bouquets to choose from. These include the Classic, the Basic, and the Nova bouquets. For the Dish service, on the other hand, users have the option of choosing from five bouquets; StarTimes Chinese, StarTimes Super, StarTimes Smart, StarTimes Sports Plus, and StarTimes Nova.

StarTimes Nigeria Bouquets Available on Antenna

Like we have mentioned, you can find different bouquets on the Antenna service on StarTimes Nigeria. Let’s discuss them below:

1. Classic Bouquet

  • Cost: N2,500 per month
  • No of Channels: 28 TV channels

StarTimes Nigeria
Classic Bouquet

The Classic bouquet is one of the very popular bouquets on Startimes Antenna because of its rich array of channels. Most people consider it a ‘complete’ bouquet as it caters to all areas of interest. It provides access to some of the popular news, sports, and entertainment channels around the world, including E!, Fox News, and Eurosport News.

The bouquet currently costs N2,500 per month and contains as many as 28 TV channels. Below is a list of all the channels available on the Classic Bouquet.

  1. ST Adepa
  2. Fine Living
  3. Fox News
  4. ESPN 2
  5. Colors
  6. MTV Base
  7. ST Nollywood Plus
  8. ST Bollywood
  9. Star Gold
  10. ST Movies Plus
  11. Star Plus
  12. Smithsonian Channel
  13. Eurosport News
  14. Baby TV
  15. Fox
  16. ST Sports Premium
  17. Discovery Family
  18. Fashion One
  19. ST Soul
  20. Investigation Discovery
  21. E!
  22. National Geographic Wild
  23. National Geographic
  24. ST World Football Hd
  25. ST Novela E Plus
  26. Dreamworks
  27. Cbeebies
  28. Tlnovelas

2. Basic Bouquet

  • Cost: N1,700 per month
  • No of Channels: 39 TV channels

The Basic bouquet is quite different from the classic bouquet. The first obvious difference is that it has more channels. While this may appear to be confusing, most of the channels on this bouquet are local ones, including Nigerian news outlets like Channels TV. But on the other hand, users will have a wide variety to choose from.

This bouquet currently costs N1,700 per month for access to 39 StarTimes channels. Below are all the channels in the StarTimes Nigeria Basic Bouquet as provided by the media company.

  1. Nina TV E
  2. BBC World News
  3. E. TV
  4. Star Life
  5. ESPN
  6. ST Novela E
  7. ST Rise
  8. Love Nature
  9. NTA E
  10. Sky News
  11. Toonami
  12. TNT Africa
  13. TVC News
  14. Nickelodeon
  15. Area Ten
  16. Nigezie
  17. TBN
  18. Zee Cinema
  19. Al Jazeera
  20. TA Parliamentary
  21. ST Zone
  22. AMC Movies
  23. CGTN Documentary
  24. ST Gospel
  25. ST SA Music
  26. ST Sports Life
  27. ST Sports Arena
  28. ST Sino Drama
  29. Africa News
  30. ST Yoruba
  31. FOX Life
  32. NGW
  33. CNBC
  34. Isi Mbido
  35. ST Naija
  36. Trace Mziki
  37. ST Kids
  38. EWTN
  39. Arewa 24
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3. Nova Bouquet

  • Cost: N900 per month
  • No of Channels: 31 TV channels

This bouquet is not as rich as the first two above as it does not come with some of the channels that truly cover all areas of interest like sports and entertainment. But, if you are feeling a little down on cash, there is no need to worry as this will definitely serve you.

The bouquet currently costs N900 per month and contains as many as 31 channels, including news and entertainment channels like NTA News 24 and E-Stars. To find out all the channels in the Nova bouquet, check below.

  1. Nigbati TV
  2. Jimjam
  3. ST Dadin Kowa
  4. NTA News 24
  5. Galaxy TV
  6. Plus TV Africa
  7. E-Stars
  8. Orisun
  9. Farin Wata
  10. NTA Knowledge
  11. Iqraa
  12. TVC NG
  13. WAP TV
  14. CGTN
  15. Rave TV
  16. NTA Hausa
  17. NTA Yoruba
  18. NTA Igbo
  19. Wazobia TV
  20. Dove TV
  21. Liberty
  22. AMC
  23. ST Guide
  24. ST Sports Focus
  25. CNC World
  26. AWA TV
  27. ST Kungfu
  28. Emmanuel TV
  29. ST Real Time
  30. TVBC
  31. Border TV
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StarTimes Nigeria Bouquets Available on Dish

Apart from the bouquets available on the Antenna service as we have laid out above, you can also find other very interesting bouquets in the Dish service as provided by StarTimes Nigeria. They include StarTimes Chinese, StarTimes Super, StarTimes Smart, StarTimes Sports Plus, and StarTimes Nova.

1. StarTimes Chinese

  • Cost: N6,600 per month
  • No of Channels: 20 TV channels

If you are not a Chinese national who needs to keep in touch with the Chinese culture and events in the country, there is no need to choose this bouquet because the StarTimes Chinese bouquet appears to have been created specifically for Chinese nationals resident in Nigeria as most of the channels in it are Chinese ones.

Also, it is the costliest bouquet available as it currently costs N6,600.

  1. CCTV 13
  2. CCTV 6
  3. CCTV 5+
  4. CCTV 9
  5. 福建卫视
  6. 浙江卫视
  7. CCTV 娱乐
  8. China Movies Channel
  9. 东方卫视
  10. Hunan World
  11. 江苏卫视
  12. 北京卫视
  13. 天津卫视
  14. Phoenix Info
  15. CCTV 4
  16. CTI Asia
  17. 凤凰CNE
  19. 南方卫视
  20. 中国影视

2. StarTimes Super Bouquet

  • Cost: N4,200 per month
  • No of Channels: 25 TV channels

Unlike the StarTimes Chinese, the StarTimes Super bouquet does not come with Chinese channels. This bouquet is considered one of the most ‘complete’ ones on the StarTimes Dish option because of its very thrilling offers. However, it is noteworthy that it is very similar to the Classic bouquet on Antenna and is a lot more expensive. So, if you are someone who has a penchant for saving money, you could choose the Classic bouquet instead.

The bouquet currently costs N4,200 per month, and has 25 TV channels. Below are the channels on the bouquet.

  1. Bloomberg
  2. Fox News
  3. ESPN 2
  4. Colors
  5. MSNBC
  6. MTV Base
  7. ST Nollywood Plus
  8. ST Bollywood
  9. Star Gold
  10. ST Movies Plus
  11. Smithsonian Channel
  12. Baby TV
  13. FOX
  14. ST Sports Premium
  15. ST Soul
  16. Fuel Tv
  17. Classica
  18. ID
  19. Ebony Life
  20. NGC
  21. ST World Football Hd
  22. ST Novela E Plus
  23. Dreamworks
  24. Cbeebies
  25. TLNovelas
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3. StarTimes Smart

  • Cost: N2,200 per month
  • No of Channels: 39 TV channels

The StarTimes Smart bouquet is very different from the Super bouquet. First of all, it has a lot more channels and it costs less. It is, however, noteworthy that even though this bouquet has more channels than the others, most of the channels on it are not as engaging as the StarTimes Super bouquet. While it is thrilling to have so many channels to choose from, if you are one person who loves incredibly engaging content on TV, you might want to choose the StarTimes Super channel. However, you could save costs by just going for this one.

The bouquet currently costs N2,200 per month and contains 39 TV channels as seen below:

  1. ST Adepa
  2. Nina TV E
  3. Fine Living
  4. Jimjam
  5. BBC World News
  6. Star Life
  7. ESPN
  8. ST Africa
  9. DW
  10. Star Plus
  11. ST Novela E
  12. ST Rise
  13. Love Nature
  14. Sky News
  15. Toonami
  16. TNT Africa
  17. Nickelodeon
  18. Area Ten
  19. Nigezie
  20. Zee Cinema
  21. Al Jazeera
  22. Dove TV
  23. France 24 E
  24. Fashion One
  25. ST SA Music
  26. ST Sports Life
  27. ST Sports Arena
  28. ST Sino Drama
  29. E!
  30. Africa News
  31. ST Yoruba
  32. NGW
  33. NDTV 24×7
  34. Isi Mbido
  35. ST Naija
  36. Trace Mziki
  37. ST Kids
  38. EWTN
  39. Arewa 24

4. StarTimes SportsPlus

  • Cost: N1,200 per month
  • No of Channels: 4 TV channels

If you are a die-hard fan of sports who only puts on the television to watch sports activities like football and the likes, then this is a perfect fit. As the name suggests, the StarTimes SportPlus bouquet is tailor-made for sports lovers. The bouquet currently costs N1,200 per month and comes with just 4 TV channels. See them below.

  1. ST Sports Premium
  2. ST Sports Life
  3. ST Sports Arena
  4. ST World Football HD

5. StarTimes Nova

  • Cost: N900 per month
  • No of Channels: 29 TV channels

The StarTimes Nova bouquet is more diversified than the Chinese and SportsPlus bouquets but then it is also less engaging than the StarTimes Super and Smart bouquets. However, it has value for money. If you are low on cash, this is one channel you can rely on to keep you going. It currently costs just N900 per month and contains 29 TV channels as seen below:

  1. Nigbati TV
  2. NTA Sports 24
  3. E. TV
  4. ST Dadin Kowa
  5. Channels
  6. Plus TV Africa
  7. E-Stars
  8. Orisun
  9. Farin Wata
  10. TVC News
  11. Iqraa
  12. WAP TV
  13. AIT
  14. Da Vinci
  15. ST Swahili
  16. ST Sports Focus
  17. ST Zone
  18. AMC Movies
  19. NBS
  20. CGTN Documentary
  21. Mindset Learn
  22. ST Gospel
  23. Channel Ten
  24. CNC World
  25. CCTV 4
  26. ST Kungfu
  27. Emmanuel TV
  28. CGTN F
  29. Border TV
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