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Stellar girl group was one k-pop act that had so much promise. The band became very popular through their hit singles including Crying, Sting, Vibrato, Marionette, Mask, and Fool. They had also won several awards and sold-out concerts in Japan and Brazil. The group, unfortunately, disbanded in February 2018 with accusations of exploitation flying about. So, why did Stellar disband and what is the real reason behind their demise? All these and more posers are tackled below.

Stellar Girl Group’s Journey to Fame

Stellar originally made their debut under the production expertise of Shinhwa member, Eric Mun. The group dropped their first single, Rocket Girl, in August 2011. The single failed to gain much traction and the ladies followed it up with tracks such as UFO and Study. Both songs also performed poorly and as a result, they moved to new producers.

Under the new producers, Stellar changed directions from having a cute concept of music to a more sexy and provocative style. This new direction raised some eyebrows but was nevertheless a commercial success. The group’s subsequent EPs, Sting and Marionette, both made it to the Korean Albums Charts. It also sold thousands of copies and the band embarked on several concerts, both within and outside South Korea.

Who were the Members of Stellar Girl Group?

Stellar witnessed several changes in membership during its eight-year run. The band originally debuted with four members namely Gayoung (leader, lead vocalist and visual of the group), Jeonyul (the main dancer and main rapper), Leesul (the main vocalist) and JoA (vocalist). All four ladies applied their talents towards the success of the band until January 2012 when Leesul and JoA decided to quit.

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Their departure rocked the band but their label smoothed things over by introducing two new members, Minhee and Hyoeun. Minhee took over as the lead vocalist, lead dancer and face of the group, while Hyoeun primarily served as the main vocalist of the band. The newly-constituted line up (Gayoung, Jeonyul, Minhee, and Hyoeun) forged on with the group’s activities. They released more EPs and performed at various concerts. They also resorted to the popular crowdfunding platform, Makestar, to push their music. The band also welcomed an additional fifth member, vocalist – Soyoung, in May 2018.

Have They Disbanded?

The existence of Stellar girl group was first threatened after two other members, Gayoung and Jeonyul, decided not to renew their contracts with their agency. They instead choose to walk away from the band upon the expiration of their deal in August 2017. Following this development, Stellar recruited yet another member, vocalist – Youngheun, that same August. The now four-member band carried on until the 25th of February 2018 when they held a final meeting with their fans. During the meeting, they revealed that Minhee and Hyoeun had chosen not to renew their expired deals. This left Soyoung as the last woman standing and the band died a natural death.

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The Untold Truth of Why They Disbanded in 2018

So, why did the members of Stellar refuse to renew their contracts? The truth is that the ladies were uncomfortable with the new direction of their music. As previously stated, Stellar girl group started out all cute and cuddly but later switched gears to more provocative and racy music. For instance, while promoting their 2014 EP, Marionette, the group launched marketing tactics that included a stripping game.

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This game involved fans liking posts on the group’s Facebook page in order to see the revealed parts of the member’s body. This marketing strategy caused a furore and fetched severe criticism for the band. It later emerged that the ladies did not approve of this new direction and were often blindsided by their management.

For instance, during the shooting of one of their music videos, the ladies expressed reservations with their skimpy outfits but the management told them to try it out first. After the shoot, the ladies restated their concerns and the management told them to redo the shoot in more conservative outfits. They did so but their agency jettisoned the second set of photos and still used the first. The girls couldn’t do much as they were wary of their contracts and couldn’t afford to pay any penalty fee.

Since the group’s disbandment, their erstwhile group leader, Gayoung, has been doing some talking. In a candid magazine interview in December 2018, she revealed that the whole episode gave the girls a bad reputation and also upset their family members. She also disclosed that she regretted her entire career as a Stellar member. The vocalist finally ended the interview by advising other aspiring idols to be more discerning.

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