Stephanie Mcmahon’s Rise to WWE Royalty and Her Long Union With Triple H

Stephanie McMahon Levesque is a fourth-generation wrestling promoter. She is one of the widely popular female figures in the WWE universe. Also a successful businesswoman, Stephanie rose from being a young model for various WWF/WWE catalogs to becoming a renowned Chief Brand Officer (CBO) of the franchise.

Over the years, this McMahon has established herself as an authority figure in the WWE franchise. She is an occasional wrestler on both RAW and SMACKDOWN, admired for her marriage to another popular WWE personality. There is no doubt that many aspirants would want to wield Stephanie’s clout. That’s a big dream as you’d soon learn.

Stephanie McMahon Has Been a Part of the Industry Since She Was 13

Born on the 24th of September 1976 in Hartford, Connecticut, Stephanie is the only daughter and second child of Vincent McMahon and his wife Linda. She has only one sibling, an older brother named Shane McMahon.

A little while after her birth, her family relocated to Greenwich, Connecticut. It was there that she enrolled in Greenwich Country Day School where she completed her elementary education. The McMahon family has always been known for being at the forefront of the professional wrestling business. It is no secret that they founded WWE which they own and promote.

Given that, it is only natural that Stephanie was introduced to the family business when she was a teenager. She made her debut in the wrestling world when she was only 13 years old. As you would easily find, she started with modeling t-shirts and hats in the WWF merchandise catalogs. After graduating from Greenwich High School in 1994, she earned a degree in Communications from Boston University in 1998. Thereafter, she was set to take her place in the family business.

She Dominated the Creative Writing Department of WWE During the Early Years of Her Career

Stephanie began her full-time career in the wrestling industry after completing her college education. She started officially as an account executive for one of the WWE offices in New York. As time went on, she worked in different sections of the company such as reception, creative designing, television production, and in-ring performance.

In 2002, she became the director of creative writing. After a productive time spent in that capacity, she rose to the position of senior vice president of creative writing in 2006. More promotions followed as she became the executive vice president of the same department the following year.

She handled the responsibility of overseeing the creative process (storylines) for all television and pay-per-view programs. Stephanie also took charge of talent management and branding, live event booking, marketing, and all social and digital media properties.

Being the executive vice president of creatives, McMahon was able to oversee the introduction of the WWE app, which has so far received over 20 million downloads. She also managed to secure huge partnerships with the non-profit service organization, USO-Metro, and the social media company, TOUT. Stephanie also initiated a partnership with YAHOO to broadcast WWE content.

She Has Been WWE’s Chief Brand Officer Since December 2013

As the CBO of the world’s largest wrestling company, Stephanie McMahon has enhanced WWE’s brand reputation among key constituents including advertisements, maximizing the media, and the dexterous management of business partners and investors.

In 2016, she became the Commissioner of the RAW brand. Her tenacity continues to push her further to the limelight as she rises in her career.

Thanks to her career and family control of WWE, Stephanie McMahon’s net worth has been estimated to the tune of $150 million in some quarters. She has a 2.5% stake in the WWE stock. In addition to WWE, Stephanie has made a number of other television appearances which must have earned her some significant sums too.

Her WWE Romance Didn’t Start With Triple H

During the early stage of her career, Stephanie made an appearance as Vince McMahon’s innocent daughter during an onscreen feud between Vince and The Undertaker. The latter stalked and kidnapped Stephanie at the end of the pay-per-view match which led to him almost marrying her in the middle of the ring the next night on RAW. Stone Cold Steven Austin however rescued her.

Following this, Stephanie willingly started an on-screen relationship with one of the WWE wrestlers at the time known as Test. Their relationship led to a deep rivalry between the wrestler and Stephanie’s older brother, Shane. Notwithstanding, Stephanie and Test teamed up in a September 20, 1999 face-off, defeating their opponent couple, Jeff Jarrett and Debra.

The couple eventually got engaged during an in-ring ceremony. This was where Triple H came into the picture. He played a video that exposed how he drugged Stephanie and took her to Las Vegas where he married her in a drive-through ceremony. Stephanie and Triple H would become onscreen owners of the WWF. This period became known as the McMahon-Helmsley Era. While TripleH won the WWF Championship during this time, Stephanie won the Women’s Championship after conquering Champion Jacqueline.

Stephanie McMahon Got Engaged and Married Triple H in Real Life in 2003

The Stephanie and Triple H love story is one that has blurred the lines between fiction and reality; thanks to the several storylines they have pursued to entertain the WWE universe.

Hardly can anyone tell when they became lovers in real life but it is known that she got engaged to Paul Michael Levesque (Triple H) on 2003’s Valentine’s Day.

The duo subsequently married on October 25, 2003, at a Sleepy Hollow Roman Catholic church in New York. Sequel to their marriage, Stephanie took her husband’s last name “Levesque” and legally made “McMahon” her middle name.

Their Union Has Been Blessed With 3 Daughters

Stephanie McMahon with her husband and three daughters: image source

With Triple H, Stephanie has three daughters. The first named Aurora Rose Levesque was born in 2006. The second, Murphy Claire Levesque arrived in 2008. The couple later welcomed Vaughn Evelyn Levesque in 2010.

All three daughters have attended several wrestling games to support their parents. Who knows, the trio might end up in the business just like their parents.

Stephanie maintains a close bond with her husband and children. Despite being in the same wrestling business, their union has been waxing strong through the years. The family of five happily lives together in their home in Weston, Connecticut.


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