Stephen Ngila Thenge

A 34-year old Kenyan man identified as Stephen Ngila Thenge has been arrested for chopping off his wife’s hands over her ‘inability’ to have children.

Stephen Ngila Thengewho is a tailor at Masii town. He has been married for 7 years to 28-year old Jackline Mwende. Both lived in Kathama Village, Masii in Machakos County.

It is really sickening how violence-friendly people have become in recent times. Ready to fight and ready to kill. Whoever said that butchering your spouse like a soul-less animal will finally rekindle the lost flames of fertility in your spouse?

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Report says that the ugly incident which took place on July 24, did not just happen. The couple had been having issues with their marriage.

The brutally assaulted young woman appears to be a thoughtful Christian wife. However as much as she wanted to save her marriage against all odds, she knew it was time to separate from her abusive husband.

Unfortunately, her wisdom did not carry her for long as their pastor advised her to remain in her supposed matrimonial home. It is on record that the incompatible couple had separated 3 times with practically no positive changes to show for it.

According to the dehumanized Jackline Mwende, the hospital found a problem with Stephen but he refused to adhere to treatments.

“I could not understand why he was blaming me yet we had gone to hospital last year and the doctors had said he was the one with issues, which could be corrected.”

“He moved out of our house three months ago and came back on Sunday (July 24) at around 8.30pm. When I opened the door, he said ‘today is your last day’ and started slashing me with the panga.”


The abusive husband fled the scene immediately as Jackline Mwende called out for help.

“They were all afraid of touching me, they thought I was dead. I was rushed to Machakos Hospital where I was given painkillers and got a blood transfusion. I was discharged on Friday.”

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Jackline Mwende is now back home in her father’s house. The unemployed parents are soliciting help to support their now handicapped daughter. At the same time they seek justice for the ill done to their child.

“We want justice for our daughter. The person who did this should pay for it. She is now disabled and will need artificial hands to get her life together but we can’t afford anything. We are poor, we can’t even afford her painkillers.”

It is yet unclear if the husband has been found and arrested or not. Between ignorance, anger and callousness, Stephen Ngila Thenge is an absolute socio-path who must pay for his crimes.