Puzzling Truths About Steve Buscemi’s Looks And Its Impact On His Career Since His Wife’s Death

With the actor’s ceaseless work schedule, his meme-worthiness and propensity for portraying loveable losers on set, Steve Buscemi cuts a figure worthy of the title “the king of character actors”. The famed actor swings between shoestring projects and high-budget movies with more than a hundred movies to his credit. Perhaps it is Steve Buscemi’s eyes and teeth that make casting directors deem him fit for villainous characters, and oddballs which he usually plays, but the actor is far from that stereotype in real life.

Steve Buscemi’s characters have famously been plagued by uncountable woes; this includes several gunshot wounds, being hurled off a balcony, fed to a wood chipper, challenged with knife throws, and stabbed with the aid of an ice pick. This has led to the actor joking about it in interviews; though his characters have died in different ways, Steve is not completely affected about the whole thing. His sense of humour often led him to joke during interview sessions that he has found himself living longer and longer as time rolls by.

According to the stellar performer, he peruses his scripts ahead of any production to know when he would die and how. Seemingly, death seems to be inevitable for most of his characters. The actor’s unassuming depictions of weirdos, psychos, and oddballs take the credit for his status as one of the finest stars of Hollywood, and thanks to Steve Buscemi’s eyes and teeth, he doesn’t have to contest for certain roles with other actors. He just fits right in so much that directors can’t think of any other person portraying it better.

Does Steve Buscemi Have Lazy Eyes?

The question of whether the renowned actor has lazy eyes is obviously a rhetorical question that needs no answer. Regardless, anybody who has ever watched one of the movies featuring the talented actor will know where this question is coming from. Steve Buscemi’s eyes are just slightly ‘bulging’, and are easily the actor’s most recognizable features.

Brilliantly, the talented performer has combined his unique looks with his stellar acting talent to forge a successful career for himself. He is known to do extraordinary things with his eyes that most people can’t dream of and this helps in making his character depictions more realistic.

Why He Won’t Fix His Teeth

Steve Buscemi’s eyes and teeth
Some of Steve Buscemi’s most popular roles: image source

Another part of Steve’s body courting attention is his set of teeth. While most people would say his teeth are not perfectly arranged, in actuality, they give the actor a pleasantly crooked smile that allows him stand out among his peers most of the time.

Speaking of the actor’s teeth, Steve Buscemi has refused to get them ‘fixed’ or altered in anyway, as it is thanks to them that he has been cast in the many unique roles he has played all through his acting career that has spanned over 30 years. He has received several offers from dentists who have wanted to fix his dentition but he opted to do without the fixing, knowing how valuable the teeth are to the Steve Buscemi brand.

He even joked about it in a guest-starring role on Family Guy when he said that the dentists were gonna kill his livelihood if they tried that. According to Peter Griffin, each of the actor’s teeth is in business for themselves. Apparently, the actor’s looks have done his career better than expected and he is not about to take that advantage away.

How Steve Buscemi’s Eyes And Teeth Have Helped His Career

Though we witnessed the “Chicks With Steve Buscemeyes” page on Tumblr go viral, the veteran entertainer’s legendary teeth takes the credit as his real moneymaker. Steve comes equipped with the type of face that is beloved to casting directors.

According to the popular actor, he wouldn’t have attained his present career height if he had heeded earlier advice to get his teeth fixed. Besides, he is an Emmy nominee and Golden Globe winner today, thanks to those eyes and teeth getting him opportunities he would have never gotten otherwise.

Steve Buscemi is not the only actor to refuse altering his teeth for the purpose of his career; others such as Anna Paquin, Kirsten Dunst, and Jewel, have been in his shoes before and made same choice he did. Infact, they also credit their ‘imperfect’ teeth as a significant part of their success.

Steve Buscemi Sadly Lost His Wife In 2019

Buscemi has been married only once in his life so far and his time as a married man was spent with Jo Andres. They became husband and wife in 1987 and remained so until her death in early January 2019. While the marriage lasted, Steve and Jo welcomed a son in 1990; they named him Lucian and he is the only recognized son of the actor.

Following complications from a bowel disease known as Encapsulating Peritoneal Sclerosis, which she was suffering from at the time, Jo Andres died on January 6, 2019. She was 64 at the time she passed away at her Brooklyn home. A memorial service was held two days later in her name.

How Has Jo’s Death Affected His Career?

As expected, the loss of a loved one will definitely take its tolls on those who loved them and will miss them. As such, it was within reason for everyone to expect Steve Buscemi to take some time off to deal with losing his wife; though unconfirmed, it seems that is exactly what he did.

For someone who has worked consistently since his screen debut, to envy of many his industry peers, it appears 2019 – the year he lost his wife – was a relatively quiet year for the actor, career wise. He only had one movie – The Dead Don’t Die, and one TV show – Miracle Workers, released that year. However, Miracle Workers was filmed in 2017 and 2018, while The Dead Don’t Die was filmed in 2018. It appears he initially chose to not to work while he grieved for his wife, which was to be expected.

However, in 2020, he appeared in an episode of Scooby-Doo and Guess Who?, the second season of Miracle Workers and in two movies – Hubie Halloween and The King of Staten Island; this simply means he eventually went back to work sometime in mid to late 2019. His decision to return to work soon after the loss of wife drew sympathy and support from his fans.

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