Steve Buscemi’s eyes and teeth
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With the actor’s ceaseless work schedule, his meme-worthy pair of eyes and propensity for portraying loveable losers on set, Steve Buscemi cuts a figure worthy of the title “the king of character actors”. The famed actor swings between shoestring project and high-budget movies with more than a hundred movies in his credit. Perhaps it is Steve Buscemi’s eyes and teeth that make casting directors deem him fit for villainous characters, and oddballs which he usually plays, but the actor is far from that stereotype in real life.

All his characters are plagued by uncountable woes; Steve Buscemi has suffered several gunshot wounds, been hurled off a balcony, fed to some wood chipper, challenged with knife throws, stabbed with the aid of an ice pick. Yes, his characters have died in different ways, and Steve is not completely unaffected about the whole thing, his sense of humor often led him to joke during interview sessions that he has found himself living longer and longer as time rolls by.

According to the stellar performer, he peruses his scripts ahead of any production to know when he would die and how. The actor’s unassuming depictions of weirdos, psychos, and oddballs take the credit for his status as one of the finest stars of Hollywood, and thanks to Steve Buscemi’s eyes and teeth, he doesn’t have to contest for roles with other actors.

Does Steve Buscemi Have Lazy Eyes?

The question of whether the celeb actor Steve Buscemi has lazy eyes is obviously a rhetorical question that needs no answer. Anybody who has ever watched one of the movies featuring this creepy looking dude will know where this is coming from. Of course, Buscemi’s eyes are bulging, full to bursting, and has that somewhat lazy appearance comparable to the eyes of a hungry vulture. But somehow, the talented performer has combined all that weird looks with his stellar acting talent to forge a successful career for himself.

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Why He Won’t Fix His Teeth

Steve Buscemi’s eyes and teeth
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Talking about the actor’s teeth, he just will not agree to get them fixed, as it is thanks to them that he can be cast in the rare roles he has played all though his acting career that has spanned over 30 years. He has received several offers from dentists who have want to fix his dentition but he could do without the fixing, especially as he knows how valuable those weird teeth are to the Steve Buscemi brand. He even joked about it in a guest-starring role on the set of The Simpsons when he said that the dentists were gonna kill his livelihood if they tried that. According to Peter Griffin, each of the actor’s teeth is in business for themselves.

How Steve Buscemi’s Eyes And Teeth Have Helped His Career

What about the actor’s bulging eyes, his crooked smile and stringy hair, Steve comes equipped with the type of face that is beloved to casting directors. Though we witnessed the “Chicks With Steve Buscemeyes” page on Tumblr go viral, the veteran entertainer’s legendary snaggletooth takes the credit as his real moneymaker.

So, that unforgettable mug with the tarantula teeth, bubbly eyes and clownish lips – a face that appears so twitchy that you can’t help but get agitated by merely taking a glance at it, will always come to your mind’s eye when you think of Steve Buscemi’s eyes and teeth. There is also that voice accompanied by a cough – that Long Island intonation that cartoonishly seethes and coos its way into the senses.

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According to the popular actor, he wouldn’t have attained his present heights if he had heeded earlier advice to get those teeth fixed. Besides, he is an Emmy nominee today, thanks to his puffy eyes and snaggletooth.

But still, there is something a bit too real about this floppy-thin, morgue-pale, Irish-Italian that sets him out as a bona fide star. The dude cuts quite a vulnerable figure when seen head-on, you just might be forgiven for thinking that he needs every help he can get. Maybe that is the reason his recent attack in a bar-room brawl didn’t strike fans as a surprise. The likes of Brad Pitt never gets to fall victim to that kind of situation, Steve Buscemi does. Worrying about the weird actor might be enjoyable, but it is absolutely unnecessary – the dude thrives on bad luck.

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