Steve Buscemi’s Net Worth and Earnings From His Movies And TV Shows

Steve Buscemi is an American actor whose net worth is estimated at $35 million. A major part of his money comes from his super-successful career in the entertainment industry.

Steve Buscemi, a writer, actor, and film director with over three decades worth of acting is among stars with a net worth in the millions. And it’s not so difficult to see why. Thanks to his meme-worthy eyes, tireless work schedule, and penchant for playing lovable losers, Steve Buscemi is no doubt one of America’s favorite actors. Buscemi’s crooked smile has helped him portray lowlifes and losers throughout his career. Dentists have offered to fix the actor’s teeth, but he always turns them down, knowing how valuable they are to the Buscemi brand.

After the horrific attack on New York City’s Twin Towers on September 11, Steve Buscemi like many Americans was desperate to help. Although it had been nearly 20 years since he had strapped on his fireman’s gear, the actor reunited with his Engine 55 brethren and for days scoured the towers’ debris for survivors. The actor has fans across the world and naturally, people are interested in how much Steve Buscemi’s net worth is.

Steve Buscemi’s Net Worth

Steve Buscemi’s 1995 film Living In Oblivion, where he played Nick Reve, a frustrated director trying to shoot a low-budget indie film where goes painfully and hysterically wrong is a cult classic among movie fans and was the start of the tremendous fortune he has amassed. With the decades of acting to his belt, Steve Buscemi’s net worth stands at an impressive $35 million.

Steve Buscemi started to perform at high school and left college early to study at the Lee Strasberg School. As a teenager, Steve worked a series of odd jobs: ice cream truck driver, mover, and gas station attendant. He even sold newspapers in the toll lane of the Triborough Bridge. When Steve turned 18, his father, a sanitation worker, encouraged his son to take the civil service exam and become a New York City firefighter.

Steve Buscemi has appeared in a lot of TV shows and films and has also worked as a director of many of them. Moreover, he has also had a long career as a writer. Growing up in Brooklyn and Valley Stream, New York, Steve also experienced plenty of real-life misfortune. As a kid, he was hit by a bus and by a car in separate incidents. On the plus side, he used the money from the legal settlement following the bus accident to attend the Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute in New York City.

Earnings on His Movies and TV Shows

Steve Buscemi's Net Worth
Steve Buscemi

His film career began in the late 80s, with the film Parting Glances. He went on to appear in such projects as Tales from the Darkside, Miller’s Crossing, Kings of New York, and Barton Fink. In 1984, he met fellow aspiring actor Mark Boone, Jr., and the two began performing together. Part improv, part scripted comedy, the two would often carry out power struggles that pitted thin-man Buscemi against the larger Boone. His comedy trial period was a disaster.

After years of playing disposable villains and losers on the periphery, Steve Buscemi had grown accustomed to being passed over for leading roles. So, when Boardwalk Empire creator Terence Winter offered him the part of corrupt politician Enoch “Nucky” Thompson in the award-winning HBO series Boardwalk Empire, he was elated. Steve Buscemi went on to win a Golden Globe and Emmy Award across the show’s five seasons.

Steve Buscemi has acted and supported in successful Hollywood and indie films such as Fargo, Mystery Train, Desperado, Khumba, Ghost World, John Rabe, Lonesome Jim, and Big Fish. He was also seen in the HBO television series The Sopranos. He also lent his voice to the animated movie Monsters Inc., which raked in $743,588,329 in box office figures. His voice also went into the animated movies Hotel Transylvania 2 and 3, with both receiving $996,561,296 in box office figures.

He hosts, directs, and produces his own web series talk show, Park Bench, which debuted in May 2014. In January 2016, Steve began co-starring alongside Louis C.K. in C.K.’s comedy-drama web series Horace and Pete. Buscemi has also worked as a director, making his directing debut in the 1990s. In addition to feature films, he directed episodes of the television shows Homicide: Life on the Street; four episodes of The Sopranos, including one of the most critically acclaimed episodes: Pine Barrens; as well as two episodes of HBO’s prison-drama series Oz, entitled U.S. Male and Cuts Like a Knife.

Since 2010, he stars in the critically acclaimed series Boardwalk Empire. His salary is $75,000 per episode. Thus, such a sum of money has also contributed to the total estimate of Steve Buscemi’s net worth. Steve has worked in theaters, too. He is an associate member of the renowned experimental theater company The Wooster Group. His directed movies have netted over $1 million in the box office. Also, the total box office figures for the movies he’s appeared in (as a lead and supporting actor) have grossed over $5 billion.

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