Steve Craig – Biography and Facts About Marie Osmond’s Husband

Basketball is a sport that has come to be associated with America, although it is played in many countries in the world. This nationwide and cultural phenomenon receives the credit for the fame a lot of people have enjoyed in the past and currently enjoy. One of such people is Steve Craig, who led a relatively successful career as a basketball player, but this is not why he is known by people who are not even fans of the game; his marriage to Marie Osmond who can rightfully be described as having more social status than he does explains the reason for the fame he enjoys..

To learn more about his life and his marriage to the talented and brilliant Marie Osmond, keep reading.

Steve Craig – Biography

It is safe to say that Stephen Lyle Craig had no fame before he got married; a lot of information about his early life is not known. While it is known that he was born in 1957 in Provo Utah, the exact date he was born is not known. Stephen Craig grew up in the Mormon way of life, which he stills upholds till date.

For his university degree, he went to Brigham Young University and this is where he started his career in the game of basketball.

After his career as a basketball player, it is believed that Steve Craig dabbled in the production of music for a while before becoming a motivational speaker. He has however found a way to lead a life under the radar.

Relationship With Marie Osmond

Steve Craig and Marie Osmond got married in 1982 on the 26th of June. The couple then had their first child together, Stephen James Craig Jr., who was born the following year after they got married. Sadly, by 1985 the couple got a divorce, barely three years into the marriage.

However, in 2011, they got married again. This time the ceremony was publicized and Marie wore the same wedding dress she wore for the first wedding. She revealed on the Good Morning America Show that they had been dating since 2009, and did not tell anyone because they did not want to hurt anyone’s feelings in the event that the relationship did not work out.

Marie has stated a number of times how grateful she is for Steve Craig coming back into her life. Who knew that helping her move into her new home would have rekindled a love she had thought as long lost? It seems that the two are in it for the long haul this time around.

Unlike Steve Craig, Osmond has always been in the limelight and it would seem that the only time the public ever hears about Craig is when he is in a relationship with Osmond.

After her first marriage to Craig, she got married to was Brian Blosil and the marriage occurred a year after her divorce from Craig. She and Blosil had a total of seven children together; of the seven, five were adopted while the other two were given birth to biologically. But in 2010, tragedy struck the family and the second child she adopted, Michael Bryan, killed himself by jumping out of a window. Osmond described the experience as being mentally traumatic. She and Blosil were separated for a few years before they eventually got divorced in 2007.

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Facts About Marie Osmond’s Husband

• Steve Craig was drafted to join the NBA in 1981 and he was selected in the 5th round of the draft that year by the Philadelphia Sixers and was the 22nd pick by the team.

• For the Sixers, he played the position of the Point Guard. Throughout his career, both in college and professionally, Steve Craig played a total of eighty-six games before retiring.

• One of the many things about the life of Steve Craig that remain a mystery is how he met Marie Osmond who had always been a star, even from childhood. Till this day, it is not known how the two crossed paths.

• Steve Craig’s Wife, Marie Osmond, is not just a singer, but an actress and an author as well. However, her most unusual occupation is as a maker of dolls.


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